18 levels - no elegant


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Level 37 and only 1 elegant so far, I keep getting mosty profile icons and trash lol.

For instance, during the Gorge I got about 20 elegants and a lot of sets. I reached level 84.


And now we also have last years + this years items, making it even harder to get new stuff.

Forge is really fun! But sadly no luck in drops.

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Level 38 player here. I've managed to get Wilson and WX's Magmatic heads, and the forging hammer from chest drops, and nearly enough spools from unraveling lots of unwanted curios to weave two elegant items of my choice. In practical terms, 5 elegant items in all!

Thinking about weaving Willow's head and the pith pike at the end of the event, provided I don't earn those from drops anytime soon. I can only wish.

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32 levels 1 elegant. A willow gladiator head - which sucks, and I never play willow. My friend, who purchased one of the buyable packs has gotten 3 elegants in 10 chests.

He also plays DST normally about 1/5 the time as me and has 3x the elegants. (I get my 4 presents almost every week for a year in DST and I have 2 count them 2 elegant rewards).


We're starting to think that buying the packs makes your random drops better or something.

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7 hours ago, sosiskaKi said:

I mean bought through DLC. It's very convenient and fullfills your DLC list.

if you go by that argument you dont need to play at all. 

unlocking skins is part of the event imo. 

also iam not expecting to unlock everything through playing.. but even one elegant would be nice at this point. 

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