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  1. Babies: Miniature versions of the creature (hatchling, puftlet, etc), killing them will give one meat scrap. They don't reproduce until they are fully grown and are very vulnerable. Critter food dispenser: Kinda like the microbe musher, but makes treats for pets. Feeding the appropriate treat to them will boost their happiness, and each creature has a favorite treat. Treats: Mineral Mix (For Hatches) Slime Slush (For Pufts) I will come up with more soon..... Space Nuggets: New food, requires one meat scrap. And more suggestions coming soon!
  2. What are the tempshift plates made out of? @Neotuck
  3. How do you deal with strained wires?
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Sorry for the bad quality in this meme
  5. That would be an awesome new mob!
  6. I completely agree @SuperDavid I am grateful they are making rideable Koalefants!!!!!!! My wish
  7. Maybe different stages before the pigs fully "evolve"? And maybe a medicine can cure the pigs during the 1st or 2nd stage?
  8. Hi, I heard about this mod recently by my friend. I just want to share some of my ideas. Totally not the best artist.