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  1. Farting

    Ohh, I never actually understood what flatulent meant. Thanks!
  2. So, I've heard the dupes now fart, producing natural gas. When I was playing, I was like, where's the nat gas coming from? Anyways, how do you guys deal with this? What would be the best way to get rid of that nat gas?
  3. What does the Hydrogen Crystal Thermal Displacement do?
  4. @Risu Sorry to bother you, but can you take a look at what seed this world is? Cosmos.sav
  5. I find myself playing ONI way too much after the update, and anyone can agree that it is a well-thought out game. Here are some suggestions that I think Klei should add: Creature reproduction system: Every few cycles, the mob will lay an egg. If you hover your pointer over it, it will say the time till hatch and the survival rate (35%?) The egg can be used for food. Incubator: New building: Dupes will put reachable eggs in the Incubator, and the survival rate will increase to 95%? Gas/Liquid Temperature Filter: Only the gas/liquid between desired temperature can pass, others will be separated. Hot tub: Improved shower, takes up more space and water, but decreases a large amount of stress and improves hygiene. Infinite world selection: Map goes on forever. Trapdoors: One tile horizontal airlocks Space Benedict: New food that includes eggs
  6. Where do you find the .sav on the Mac?
  7. Possibly like a holographic chessboard for dupes to reduce stress? Recliners
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Sorry for the bad quality in this meme
  9. That would be an awesome new mob!
  10. Join
  11. Thanks do you have discord?