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  1. Possibly like a holographic chessboard for dupes to reduce stress? Recliners
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Sorry for the bad quality in this meme
  3. That would be an awesome new mob!
  4. Join
  5. Thanks do you have discord?
  6. Is anyone willing to be my buddy for Metheus?
  7. So I copy your gold? @F3RR1S
  8. Can someone do my black, and I'll do your gold?
  9. Looks like the pictures are like a story, from the first one, and the second tell of the ancients, and then the third one is when they became advanced due to the overuse of nightmare fuel. The last picture shows what it is like currently. There are ancient gateways in all the pictures! That's what I saw
  10. I completely agree @SuperDavid I am grateful they are making rideable Koalefants!!!!!!! My wish
  11. Maybe different stages before the pigs fully "evolve"? And maybe a medicine can cure the pigs during the 1st or 2nd stage?
  12. Hi, I heard about this mod recently by my friend. I just want to share some of my ideas. Totally not the best artist.