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  1. Don't know if it was my suggestion or not but i'm very glad that the summer/winter traps were removed. I wouldn't mind other traps that affect all players as long as they're not severely punishing. Probably not intentional but the Bernie change gives a good indirect buff to Willow, now that it works for any insane player and doesn't decay, you can just drop it at the base forever or even give to your friends. It might not make her "top tier" but it gives you an actual reason to craft bernie and a unique team friendly perk exclusive to Willow. Guess i'll DST again this weekend. Edit: Also thank GOD beardlords only appearing on 15% sanity was fixed! I love killing them for easy beardhair but it's almost impossible with the shadow creatures hitting you and giving you sanity when you kill them!
  2. mfw i click on this thread for the first time
  3. Dont know if someone said before but it seems all the female shadow outifts are literal shadow versions of the GoH skins. Cocktail dress -> Shadow Dress Party Frock -> Shadow Frock Varlkirye Armor -> Shadow armor Ball Gown -> Shadow Gown Meanwhile the male ones are like "how this dude would look if he sat on the throne". edit: (Except Maxwell of course since it's his "pre-throne" version and Woodie looks like a goth version).
  4. I'm trying to follow the puzzle steps to get the torch but it doesn't work. There is no yellow bar to type anything on my screen. I already cleaned the history twice and logged on steam but nothing. I want a swaggy torch too...
  5. These changes are so confusing and are causing a some random bugs/crashes for me. Doesn't DST officially releases tomorrow? And there is still Maxwell coming... Seems like an awful time to drop such a game changing update. We should all report as much as we can.
  6. I'm havingg the same problem. I just disconected, updated and went back, now every server is labeled as "unknown" and i can't see the settings. The ones i can see, the caves part doesn't even exist, it's all black.
  7. The "skin hype" is undeniably real. The beefalo domestication was totally overshadowed in the last update. I'm fine with anything as long as Klei focus on content over cosmetics. I understand the line of thought but im sure the market created a lot of new idlers that only want to sell skins.
  8. Not sure if this is the updates fault but i played a default server and Beardlords were very buggy, dropping regular bunnyman loot, randomly hopping and sleeping during day. Also for some reason, they only transform when i go under 15% sanity, not the normal 40%. Has anyone else had the same issue? (I have other screens)
  9. Just played my first random server after the update, found 2 mandrakes before day 5, and let them follow me around. I feel bad for killing them =(.
  10. It had a cool recipe indeed. I guess it was because papryrus are fairly dangerous to aquire which in turn caused people to die on their way to make it. At least from my experience, a lot of times it went something like -"Newbie Wilson died to red mushroom! He became spooky ghost!" -"Serph resurrected newbie wilson!" -He:thanks! How do i get my life back?" -Me: You have to make a booster shot. -He:How do i make booster shot?" -Me: It's on survival. -He:Where do i find papyrus?" -Me: You have to go to swamp and refine reeds. -He:Ok, thanks! I'll go make a booster shot right now!" -"Newbie Wilson died to Tentacle! He became spooky ghost!" So sad yet so funny...
  11. But those 20 seconds of are irrelevant because you won't be able to use that one touchstone again. It's supposed to be short for the next player who dies. The update says "Touch Stones will now regenerate after a very short time, and each Touch Stone is usable once per player " yet somehow people are complaining about how "Respawn is LITERALLY INFINITE now!". I have no idea how one thing is even close to the other. Edit: Thank you lpsquiggle for making it even more clear for everyone. It would be great if someone left the patch notes in the OP, It's like nobody followed the link...
  12. Strategic use of haunting was always an option by making life amulets. This touchstone change is probably the most balanced possible. They're supposed to be last resorts yet a lot of times i don't see them going past winter because newbie/griefers use all of them. It's okay if anyone is angry because "It's easy now it sucks", but at least be happy that you're not not "indirectly punished" for others using it anymore.
  13. YEEEEESSSSSS!!! I don't know how much of this is working or bugged right now but thank you very much devs for doing this. (I'm sure that topic about the sanity drain helped). Now people don't need to give up when their health hits 25% and other players will stop shouting ghosts to leave probably still tell ghost to leave but to a lesser extent now that Touchs are avaiable at leat once for everyone. I had no chance to see the flint birds yet, i'll play later and see if it's working right. If you can get at least 3 flint on 1-2 days it will make "non first autumn" servers much more acessible.
  14. Joined a random server, 3 players were already there, i think it was day 9 but i was on my third. I was asking for info but one of the players died in the darkness and left the game, then after he came back as ghost and said the screen turned black and he died. After he resurrected i followed him to his skeleton and when he grabbed his backpack he vanished in thin air! I got closer and then everything turned black. None of my controls did anything and "Pick Sapling" was the only thing the mouse said. Another player who was following me asked where did we go. I was getting nervous and after my first message the other weren't working. The game's fps went super low, like, less than 10 low and i couldn't even press ESC to disconnect. I took a screenshot and ALT+F4 my way out. After returning, the server wasn't there anymore, the host probably closed it after that. I hope it gets fixed soon.