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  1. Jesus. Anyone feeling like their stomach about to explode from all this hype. I’m suddenly in a happy mood because of this. Thanks klei for making my day!
  2. Woodie got glitched out right when my team killed the final boss ( can’t remember name ) though I think this was a rare
  3. Woodie got glitch out of the Forge Map. I thought it was quite funny and wanted to share the moment with you all EDIT: I’m not sure if I should report this incident but I haven’t seen it repeated so no biggie?
  4. I don’t have any screen shots I conesider “cool” enough to show but I gotta say I like this screen shot I took a while back when the Gorge Event was coming out. I went to this person sever and he built all these stuff on a remote island. I found that quite amazing . I was the pig in the photo if you did realized ^_^
  5. Fanart by DeludedDaybreak

    That’s a fine art that I will probably never be able to draw. Why didn’t you pick green ish but light purple instead though?
  6. When I went into the pig shop before night and tired to come out when It was nighttime. I crashed
  7. oof. Got me all excited for a second here
  8. This feel like Christmas came early. I’m on the hype train for sure
  9. I come here every now and then to check on other screen shoots, also to remind myself of how lame mind screen shoot is OOF
  10. Read the rules, also if you want to be connect to leaderboard. You will need high score to pop up.
  11. Wohhh it’s Tournament day . Only the best of the best will take home victory .
  12. likely. I saw it as well. Waiting for someone to piece these words together.
  13. idk why but i want to pet it lol ;D