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  1. Jesus. Anyone feeling like their stomach about to explode from all this hype. I’m suddenly in a happy mood because of this. Thanks klei for making my day!
  2. Woodie got glitched out right when my team killed the final boss ( can’t remember name ) though I think this was a rare
  3. Woodie got glitch out of the Forge Map. I thought it was quite funny and wanted to share the moment with you all EDIT: I’m not sure if I should report this incident but I haven’t seen it repeated so no biggie?
  4. I don’t have any screen shots I conesider “cool” enough to show but I gotta say I like this screen shot I took a while back when the Gorge Event was coming out. I went to this person sever and he built all these stuff on a remote island. I found that quite amazing . I was the pig in the photo if you did realized ^_^
  5. Fanart by DeludedDaybreak

    That’s a fine art that I will probably never be able to draw. Why didn’t you pick green ish but light purple instead though?
  6. When I went into the pig shop before night and tired to come out when It was nighttime. I crashed
  7. oof. Got me all excited for a second here
  8. I come here every now and then to check on other screen shoots, also to remind myself of how lame mind screen shoot is OOF
  9. likely. I saw it as well. Waiting for someone to piece these words together.
  10. idk why but i want to pet it lol ;D