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Pawprints of a starving artist

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Hello everyone,
I'm new in the forum and it's my very fist post I ever made on a forum.
I started with one picture and didn't really planned to do more, but I was really happy seeing the feedback.

Link to the full view picture in my gallery: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/114/1/f/4_by_ainashadox-d62ucrr.jpg
It has two other versions in the description.

Wendy and Abigail in her not so ghostly form. With this one I probably destroyed all your imagination of how Abigail would look like.
It was a bad twin joke...

Some lineless "thing" I've been working on, never tried this style before.


And something fast I made (not fast food I meant fast picture)

I haven't played chess since my brother broken grandfather's pretty chess collection.

And here is Wendy (I was just trying my colored pencils on this one)

I made this one for a t-shirt. I originally wanted to use the official Don't Starve style but one does not simply use the Don't Starve style with a broken tablet. So I didn't make it sketchy but I used some brushes and extra lines. (2% tablet, the rest is mouse and pen tool)

Here is the t-shirt as well

... = J'adore les grenouilles, elles sont tellement adorables!

Who said that frog rain is bad?

Sooo I gave another try on Wes! He's trapped in an invisible box. I tried to use the game's style : )
Huh? What are you saying? Wrong game??
Oh bacon! ಠ_ಠ

I want this game D:

Wendy releasing a snowbird...


Sir Arthur Winston Wilhelm and [MENTION=30827]Wolfert[/MENTION]

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Another great artist appears in the forums. Another folder to be made (hopefully stuffed in the future with your great artwork)Thanks for posting and looking forward to seeing a lot more of your creations. ^_^Edit: I saw your deviant page and first thing that caught my eye was your webcam. If that is your cat..you are so lucky. S/he is so adorable!

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