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  1. Ok guys, we have Kickstarter! Let's crowdfund Don't Starve : The Movie!Johnny as Wilson? I don't mind it
  2. #ArcticFox789 +1 good sir. The best mod since 1689
  3. This gonna be awsome. I'm so excited. New mobs, new stuff to create, new mobs, bone pile to distract hounds, fire rod, rain, MOOSHROOMS, dried meat... stuff, stuff and even more stuff. Can't wait
  4. mushrooms confirmed!

    I assume nobody knows. Shrooms topic became from f**king nowhere for me. But hell with it. Shrooms? I'm totally on it!
  5. So, the end is near?

    Mods are fine, but i hope theres would be a possibility to donate devs. For encourage them to patch the game over and over. PLS :<
  6. But there were screen with Woodie. So why we'd not see any new character in next update?
  7. mushrooms confirmed!

    Shrooooms. Gimme them all <3
  8. Insanity Puzzle :D

    These puzzels slowly becomes more entertaining than mostly AAA games
  9. what do you think the next update will hold?

    Mushrooms? Did i missed something?
  10. what do you think the next update will hold?

    I had snow fight with my sister today. Then she made little snowman and i thought about upcoming update. Poland is entirely covered with that white flakes. Snow. Snow everywhere Reminds. Remainds of update everywhere
  11. It makes my day Whole setup of the game gives me remind of Saw movies. Theres a psycho who put bunch of people who don't know eachother in extreme situation, and they have to survive to get redemption of their crimes. Or just die. Only problem for me is Wes, he's just a mime.
  12. Pawprints of a starving artist

    Hugs are always welcome :hug:
  13. Pawprints of a starving artist

    [MENTION=8478]Raccoon Superhero[/MENTION]I was happy entire day until i find your art of Wendy. Well... scrw you and have a nice day, sir! :PGreat art, I can actually feel that sadness. Good job
  14. Someone mentioned something about penguins coming in the next update? Mojito delivers
  15. Rlly thanks guys for positive feedback It's like bacon with honey and berry on the top for me It should feel more like Sean Connery accent ;p