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  1. As somebody who wants to raise and ride ostriches IRL, I HIGHLY approve of tallbird mounts... And yeah, it would finally give me a real reason to put up with raising baby tallbirds!
  2. Ahh, whoops. Meant to post via this account.
  3. Back from the dead, it's what we do here

  4. Ooh, cool idea you got there with the Merchant! Will it be a sort of item trade-in application? Get rid of those 3% spears and whatnot, in exchange for STUFF? Also, I quite like your older art thread! You are good at sketching. Also hello.
  5. I laughed when I went to quit the game the first time after this update. "Maxwell will miss you!" But personally, I hope you guys put it back to "Wilson will miss you!" eventually. Glad I was around to see this last update implemented! Hadn't played for a couple of months, but now I don't feel like I missed out quite as much. Now to greedily look forward to any and all DLC for this wonderfully wicked world. Thanks Klei, for taking us all on this fantastic journey!!
  6. I will run in from the sidelines yelling "I LOVE YOUR DRAW" and then skitter back into the months-long absence that is the main thing I do here.
  7. Ohhh, your examples are so awesome! I think this could be a definite winner as far as new item suggestions go. I enjoy that it should have an extra layer of challenge to it. As in, it would be a late-game item that you don't really need to use, it just makes life easier/more fun when you do. The trial-and-error aspect of the formulae are appealing.
  8. Aww, I like your sleepy character idea. Fan characters don't have to be 100% workable in the game; it's not like they're going to be added to it, after all! It seems like you've thought her out alright and she's not crazy overpowered, so, good job!
  9. Agreed. You've taken fanfic to an incredibly awesome tier!
  10. Hey, could I ask a mod to change this thread's title, please?I'd like it to say "Fanart by Kai and Cuttlefish".
  11. "Location: Innsmouth"Really now
  12. I also have a whole truckload of Chester drawings that I did while we were at the restaurant tonight. I wish I could upload them now, but I'd need to scan them and clean them up, and I want to colour them as well, and I really SHOULD be studying --- SO HAVE THIS INSTEAD ...I think I have a problem
  13. Alright, I have more! Well... sort of. I've been working on this little comic for a while, and I'm happy with its design now. It's just a WIP so that's why it is small and low-quality; I intend to colour it and all that eventually. Wilson observes the goings-on inside one of the pigs' houses. I also have an announcement to make! I hereby cordially invite my good associate, Chelsie, to share this art thread with me. Together, we shall be an unstoppable force of little doodly things. Please welcome... Chelsie (Cuttlefish)!
  14. HOOOOO, I absolutely love props! Yours is looking good What are you going to use to paint the tusk part? I bet you could get it really shiny and make it look like real ivory with the right combination of paints and varnish!
  15. This is a really interesting take on how the other "characters" come into play... Wilson is imagining what he wants to see, and what he wants to be... I liked the attachment Wilson seemed to have developed for the Tallbird. I was sad it ended so quickly.
  16. I really like this one! Even though it's not as complex as your comics, it has a certain charm to it. The fireflies are wonderful
  17. I vote spider, because they're encountered first in the game (usually). Although I do love the hounds!
  18. O hai! Welcome to the forum. :yaypigs:Nice drawing, the pencils suit the game's style!
  19. Alrighty, here is my Krampus. It's messier than the Wilson one, but I like it better! "Stop stealing my sack!"
  20. XD yeah, I figured a scientist's gloves would be... waterproof? I know I like MINE that way!And thank you! I have a Krampus one coming up next! My midterm today went swimmingly.
  21. I like Willow as a ginger :DIf I may offer some critique as well?
  22. This thread has been edited! If I can get a mod to change the title, then it'll be all set. ~~ Welcome to ~~ Kai and Cuttlefish's ~~ Art Thread ~~ Fanart, doodles, original characters, &c. by a team of two cheeky roommates. Expect a lot of Chester, and please, enjoy your stay!----------------------------------------------- (original few posts, from a couple months ago--) So without further ado, here is my first completed piece. It depicts everyone's favourite gentleman scientist, and it looks like he's craving some bacon... Pigmen are suspicious for good reason. I have a couple more drawings in the works; I may post them if I get the time to finish!