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Autumn or Spring?

Which do you preffer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you preffer?

    • Autumn
    • Spring

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 This is the alternative to my other post Winter or Summer? You can go to it here:

(This does not include caves, only surface)

Autumn, being the first and most of the times the season a world starts on is the least difficult season to survive out of all four seasons. On the first Autumn you always get things like grass, twigs and flint and prepare for the first Winter. On the first Autumn anything you can really get is Chester, a fully explored map (useful for future planning, but less time to make a base) and good setpieces (really just luck tbh). As the first Autumn isn't exciting, late game Autumn is mostly used for building and using Bearger for farming, exploring caves and pretty much anything for late game. We can all say that it is the easiest season and the season most things are done on. But it does make sense to have one season easier for newer players.

~First Autumn not as exciting (it's just really to explore your world)

~Can do a lot in late game (explains itself)

~Gud music (is noice)

~The easiest season (it's understandable because new players can't just start with a hard difficulty)


Spring, the moist season of rain and mostly rain. It comes after Winter and if you haven't killed Deerclops for the Eyebrella, your life will just be a bit worse but you can still survive. Also we have the giant known as Moosey Goosey/ GooseyMoosey herself. She lands at a special setpiece all around the world, to either stay there till summer or be really near base to then destroy all decorational walls, which means you have to hope she dosen't spawn at that nest or killer when she arrives. She also has her really nice children that you can tame and ride on (really though they are the same as their mother). Sometimes during spring we can also get frog rain, while you can get a lot of thicc frog legs, it still is a pain when you just hear that squish and you're like "Why". You can get useful items like the Weather pane, more meatballs, more ice etc.  Really though Spring is fun and nice in late game when you do anything you want.

~Rain (pain to deal with without the meta that is the Eyebrella)

~Frog rain (annoying, but useful for food)

~Music (still bes)

~Mooses (for me she is a pretty annoying boss, if you don't kill her before she makes an egg, you have more weapons and armor to waste)


Overall, both Autumn and Spring are fun. Autumn the nice season you don't need to really worry about anything and the classical Spring that always makes your day worst. But I really do prefer Autumn, I just have too much bad luck with Spring and Mooses.

Which of these seasons do you prefer, discuss about them down below :)

Edit: P.S I might even make this for the SW seasons, but obviously it won't be in the General Discussion for DST

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Autumn is always the safety season. Sure, it’s simple, but you don’t have 2 million things to deal with.

Temprature is nice, rain is minimal, and the day length is very long.

The only thing I have a major problem is you get 1 minute of night which does get really annoying in the later game, but it’s still not too bad.


Spring is also decent too. Plenty of meat via Goose to have. The only issue is the massive amount of rain and long dusks. Also frog rain. Frog rain is fun.

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Here here.  I have WAY more problems with sanity and, even, freezing to death in spring than I do in winter!

I gotta say autumn, not just because it's more peaceful in-game, but it's my favourite season in real life, too. It's just so pretty, has a nice atmosphere, the leaves, the catcoons romping through the forest, the merry sounds of murder in the background... Also it's got the original vanilla Don't Starve's "summer" music, so even if you started with that and then added Reign of Giants, you don't lose that part.

Spring has some interesting advantages too though, at least if you play like a cowardly opportunist like me (but, to be fair, my keybinds do have me moving and therefore kiting with my off hand) as I've found out that Mama Goose makes a WONDERFUL free hound extermination service:


...just as long as you don't base so close to a pond that she decides to nest IN your base.  Whoops.



Well at least _only_ some of the walls got destroyed. : P

Spring also has easily the boppiest music of the game, work/regular music I mean.  And the boss battle sounds like something out of an old silent movie, I love it.  Too bad that the days are SO short compared to the twilight area, 'cos that makes the music often stop as soon as it had started! but otherwise...


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No doubt autumn for obvious reasons like farming living logs and logs with bearger the bees are not agressive no rain in the caves and best time to set up your farm but in spring frog rain they come in your base u tryna craft something ya cant slower jerky production since there is alot of rain and the only use of the Goose Goose is the weather pain and that cooler thing but i have to give spring 8/10 have you seen shipwrecked? fly's and every piece of land is a puddle

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Autumn is much better than spring. So much time to do what you need without having to worry about the irritating effects of rain, freezing, and overheating. Not to mention the Bearger, who is great for harvesting tons of logs and living logs from totaling a forest. Which gives me enough material for upcoming seasons when it's harder to get wood. However, as much better as Autumn is, I have to say that I love Spring's music. Especially the one when you're working, favorite song in the game.

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