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  1. Hey Starverinos! Have you ever been playing in a world and been thinking, "hey, it would be nice if people were as interested in endgame content and enjoying the full extent of the game as much as I like to"? Well, good chap, fear no longer! Wilson Weekends is a private server accessible only to those that sign up through the forums or Discord. The first Wilson Weekends was founded last January, and we're starting it back up to experience all the new Return of Them content. The world is open for 2 1/2 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening, hence the name Wilson Weekends. Our goal is to provide interested players with the following benefits not normally found in gameplay: Opportunity to meet new people and build long lasting relationships Ability to experience true cooperation between players on a deeper level Feel considered a valued member of the team Opportunity to access endgame content as a team when we reach that level of game progression Feel what it's like to play with more than three people at a time Here are some simple rules that may be worth being aware of before joining. Don't grief - this should be fairly obvious Use common sense Be kind and courteous to fellow Starvers; we're all in this together! If whatever you're doing is going to benefit at least one other person in some way, shape, or form, you're on the right track. We're a group, so act like it! Building bases separate from the main base purely for the sake of living alone is generally discouraged. (This doesn't apply to something like a cave or Oasis base... just don't be a silent outsider.) This also means that all chests placed at the base are free to everyone unless explicitly marked with a sign. Be mindful when communicating unknown game knowledge to a fellow Starver; make sure you don't sound condescending or rude! Unless your fellow Starvers are comfortable, try to stay away from any sensitive topics in voice/text chat. Other useful information: Our server will more than likely be hosted on the east coast of the United States. Exact location is yet to be determined. We will be testing server load during the weekday. The world will have ZERO mods. I will use the Setpiece Config mod to generate a world with a Reed Trap. Although the exact time is yet to be determined, Wilson Weekends will begin around 6pm Eastern Standard Time on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We are fairly lax on any skill requirements, and we feel that inexperienced, yet dedicated and understanding Starvers absolutely have a place within our community. Our only request is that you've played all Don't Starve games for a combined total of at least 3 hours. How to Join To join, simply fill out the application below. This application can be posted in the replies of this thread or posted on our Discord in #ww-signups. You are very likely to be accepted unless you don't meet playtime requirements or age range. If we find you are inactive for more than four weekends (meaning you are not found present on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for four consecutive weeks), you might be contacted about being removed from Wilson Weekends to free up player slots. We will accept up to 20 players. EDIT: As of 5/9/21, we have 10 player slots remaining. =-=-=-=-=-= -Tell us your age range - this does not have to be an exact number. You could say something like 12-15 or simply "adult". We ask that all players signing up be a minimum of twelve years old. -Tell us how many combined playtime hours of Don't Starve games you have. As previously mentioned, you need a combined total of 3 hours playtime across all Don't Starve games to qualify. This is equivalent to 20 days in-game. -Have you joined our Discord? (Y/N). Also provide your tag. Joining our Discord is basically required to play in Wilson Weekends. Please see below the example application for details on our Discord server. -Tell us what characters you might plan to play. This will never affect your chances of being accepted, but we may ask you to play someone different if a ridiculous amount of people want to play the same character. Seven Wigfrids is not fun, for both us and the Rockylands. -Tell us why you want to join the server. This is mostly just for curiosity's sake or any future data collecting. -Anything else you'd like to let us know of? =-=-=-=-=-=-= Example application: Age range: I am over 18 years old. Hours: I have 1,0008 combined hours of Don't Starve (DST and DS) Discord: I have joined the Discord server because I own it. My tag is SkyCommision#7271 Survivors: I plan to mainly play Wickerbottom, but I might switch to Winona if needed. Reason for joining: I would like to join the server because I own it. Other: I am certified in the art of Base Momming. =-=-=-=-=-=-= -Discord Joining our Discord is extremely strongly encouraged - in fact, it would probably be impossible to play without joining, so it's basically required. Upon being accepted, you will be given the Wilson Weekends role and be pinged when the server goes up/experiences delays, or has a new password. You will also gain access to the Wilson Weekends channels, where we discuss future plans, share informational or funny in-game photos, and use voice chat during gameplay. By not joining our Discord, you might not be kept up-to-date on server uptime or valuable information, not to mention missing out on chatting with your fellow Starvers. (Although you are encouraged to join voice chat while playing, you are not required to.) Don't forget that you can post your application in #ww-signups on our Discord server instead of here, if you would like. Click here to access our Discord server. That's all I have. I'll see you all in the Constant!
  2. After assembling the Ancient Key, I continued to cook with my team - one of the dishes I was making was Mac and Cheese. Completely out of the blue, the game froze, the sound started skipping, and shortly after, my game quickly crashed. Frankly, I have no idea what had happened here, but I will provide my client log. It seems like the game was having trouble finding the image for a dish.
  3. I was queuing up for a quick match to get myself warmed up. However, I saw three servers I'd rather not join when I was looking for a game: Something in Japanese (language barriers) 20+ (Intended that the server was only for level 20 and up, I'm level 14) Something in Spanish (language barriers) Upon seeing that the server had found a server, I tried hitting Cancel each time. However, it still went to the loading screen and took me to the server, which I immediately left.
  4. "We need to build a moonrock wall seperating the WX78s from base. Those filthy WX78s our eating our gears and wasting our End is Nighs. "I will build a great moonrock wall -- and nobody builds moonrock walls better than me, believe me --and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great moonrock wall around our base, and I will make Nome pay for that moonrock wall. Mark my words." -Wickertrump
  5. Yeah, I hope it's at least something among the lines of this. if it's just a way to reset the Ruins, I'd be pretty dissapointed.
  6. besides that. He said that the Fuelweaver was still gonna drop something else.
  7. Only problem is, the loottables aren't... complete yet. The Fuelweaver still has to drop something new. But what?
  8. Hello! I'm trying to make a modification for Don't Starve which adds more music to the game and changes some tracks. I already know that it's at least possible, and i've found the .fsb music file. So, my main questions are these: How does the vanilla game register and play music in certain situations, and is there a specific script somewhere for this? Is there a good, free program out there that'll let me convert .fsb files (none of that 5-minute limit or something)? Is there anything else I should know about Don't Starve's music?