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  1. Insane lag

    Hey, I was really excited to play The Forge ever since the beta, but the servers I had joined back then were extremely laggy. I had assumed that it was just because Klei wanted to start off a little smaller, and decided to buy some low-maintenance servers for the Forge. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The beta has ended, and I'm still experiencing ridiculous delays in all of my actions. I would totally play The Forge if it wasn't for this ridiculous lag. I ran a speed test and I'm at a solid 33up/11down. Is it just my internet or are servers hosted on the other side of the world? I live in Southeastern USA.
  2. What he said. The ultimate suggestion is to start up your own dedicated server that you can start up and shut down at will, though some have trouble due to no knowledge or a weak computer. Put simply, with a little bit of guidance and a decent computer it may be best to start up your own server, but again, if that doesn't work out, find some friends and make a private world.
  3. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power.
  4. How to build a pvp base?

    What I would do whenever me and my friends play on a PvP server is... rig it. There was a wormhole that led to a desert, which was where our base was. There would be a road, which led to our base. Fortunately, as I always play Wickerbottom, I always rush On Tentacles and the magic stations so that I can get that sweet, sweet End is Nigh. Whenever someone would follow the road to our base, they'd get killed by tentacles So yeah, just rig your base and you'll be fine. It might also be nice to put it somewhere where no one goes (like Pig King), but that might end up hurting yourself more.
  5. Ice sculptures

    Perhaps the Ice Sculptures have to be crafted with a Blue Gem? This will keep it from melting.
  6. Have you ever thought about the most absurd questions about the DS franchise that you've asked yourself many times in the shower? Ever wanted some thoughts or answers to it? Well now you can! (get those) Here, you can ask whatever strange questions you want for others to see, comment on, or even answer. Here's an example. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1. If every sanity aura decreases exponentially the farther you get from it, does this mean that our character is still experiencing every sanity aura of every mob, but it's so ridiculously small that we never notice it? 2. Will Nome ever notice me? 3. How can our characters go on for so long without sleeping? 4. How did Abigail die? 5. Is Wendy really that depressed? 6. Why is WIlson so adorable? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= And, if you ever happen to try and answer their questions, you should use an @ to get back to them. If you see that a question has been answered, edit your post and cross it off the list using a strikethrough. You shouldn't have to create a new post if you come up with more. So, what are you waiting for? GIve me the most ridiculous DS questions you've ever had, and maybe try answering some! You can start with the example I provided.
  7. Just to clarify, the Character Knowledge (K) field applies to all characters and not just Wolfgang (I barely ever play him). The 6 rating was meant to imply that someone may be so experienced in handling a character that it almost seems like they are the character themselves, in this case, Wolfgang.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    "We need to build a moonrock wall seperating the WX78s from base. Those filthy WX78s our eating our gears and wasting our End is Nighs. "I will build a great moonrock wall -- and nobody builds moonrock walls better than me, believe me --and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great moonrock wall around our base, and I will make Nome pay for that moonrock wall. Mark my words." -Wickertrump
  9. Thanks for checking this thread out, guys! Rating yourself wasn't absolutely necessary, but now that you guys are already starting, might as well post them here for fun.
  10. Hi! I've played with a lot of people in my past, and, of course, most of them had many different skill levels. It gets kind of hard to measure their skill and what I do/don't need to teach them, so I've made a scale for both new and experienced players to use to roughly propose how good they are (and how well they work with other people). This will be split up into five scales, all from 1-5: -(E) Efficiency (how well you plan out your days, your base, your boss fights) -(F) FIghting (how well you know how to kite and kill various mobs and monsters) -(C) Cooking (your knowledge of the most efficient crockpot recipes, and how to make them) -(K) Character Knowledge (how much you know about your character, and strategies you use with them) -(L) Leadership and Teamwork (how well you can cooperate and deal with other players) Formatting example: E4 F5 C4 K3 T3 Yes, I am aware that this scale is definitely subject to criticism, plus it may not fit in all cases. If you'd like, suggest more categories to add to this scale as there's probably a lot of them I'm missing out on, or you can suggest a change to it constructively. Thanks! (I understand that this will probably cause controversy, arguments about subjective players, flame wars, etc., but please do not go there. The only reason why I made this is to make things easier for you and your friends. Do not let this become another meatballs nerf thread or else I'll just delete this topic because god almighty I've seen enough of those, thank you, goodbye.)
  11. forget it, I inputted your code, half of it glowed golden, but I guess it timed out because the other half didnt glow purple. Ill try this again tomorrow because I need sleep, you kids have fun
  12. hang on, gotta take a shower wait a bit if you're still alive @Storm137
  13. @Storm137Inputted your black, waiting for response
  14. @Storm137Sweet, inputting your black.
  15. Sure! Gimmee your code junk, and don't forget to @ me in the post.