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  1. Me too. Maxwell needs to be a pirate king!!
  2. I died stranded on an empty island because my boat became the titanic. Just waiting days for rescue that never came.. Reminds me of playing space station 13. Moral of the story: never explpre without spare resources.
  3. Pile one more like for the new songs. Imo the game needs some more songs to increase variety. Even if it was just some global work\battle theme that randomly replaced the seasonal one.
  4. thousands of hours to be able to voice your opinions? There are people who beat harder games than don't starve in less than 50 hours. Not to mention someone's skill level has absolutely no correlation with their ability to communicate possible fixes and changes to improve the game. Those are usually done by having good play testers, not asking random people to work for free. Hence why betas are usually for finding bugs and very limited collection of suggestions by the community the devs deem worth of implementation time. If they are going to add an expert mode they'll have to work closely with good testers to fine tune everything. If they are going to open beta it they should allow everyone to join. Even just for an idea of what kills most players.
  5. How about stuff like how the infinite hunt for knowledge has an impact on liches in fantasy? Here is a flavorful attempt for a rework\nerf: 1) Books consume slightly less sanity than they currently do Justification : Read further 2) Reading a book imposes a 15 MAX sanity penalty on her. Repeated reading will get this low enough to having to fight a lot of nightmares eventually. Justification : All the reading and the writing. Wickerbottom cannot stop thinking about what she just read. This will make it harder for her to return to normal. 3) Being around friends and campfires slightly regenerates the maximum and current sanity. Things that players happily murder like Glommer and Catcoons are suddenly important for wicker to stay sane! Bernie also helps slightly regenerating this max sanity. Justification : Flavorful solution to the penalties. Living creatures remind her of her humanity and fix her sanity problems. prolonged exposure is guaranteed to wipe out the book side effects! 4) 50% penalty to traditional sanity regeneration from hats, nightmares and food. Justification : If you want to go all out with books you better be prepared to handle the nightmares. 5) 2 terrorbeaks instantly appear to hunt wicker if reading a book drops her below 10 sanity. Justification : Sometimes you forget to stop in time and regret it. Maxwell of course would also get the max sanity bonus and the two terrorbeaks on very low sanity casts. But he has passive regeneration and more max sanity which makes him an a nice helper for her to share the book casts. (although he'll probably be much more annoying to debug since he can already lower his max sanity..)
  6. Did bearger get bufffed?

    Normal Deerclops already tips New players the laser is just a bonus haha. Edit : My phone auto-corrected this to say tips instead of rips. Am not even gonna fix it though.
  7. Some of the images in the OP are broken\missing.
  8. Knowing Klei's idea of fog (Hamlet)... Stay away from my autumn you demonic mist!
  9. His downside is having horrible max hp. Not fragmenting his sanity.
  10. She already has the sacrifice things to return your dead sister's ghost going on. She could make Abigail deal more damage by sacrificing more creatures or harming them\herself to trigger Abigail's wrath. She could also mourn her dead sister at a memorial grave to increase the flower's current level for faster respawning..Oh am just throwing suggestions around don't mind me They could also go full Willow and make her immune to sanity drain from darkness . Then she can happily skip around in complete darkness all day (until Charlie or monsters manage to kill her).
  11. Maxwell isn't a wood collector. His harvest power is good because he has bigger downsides than Woodie. His powers should be stronger than other characters to make up for it.
  12. I don't think they'd ruin one of the most played characters. She and Wilson are probably the safest two from dramatic nerfs ;P.
  13. Do you have multiple accounts? You'll have to tinker around with them until one works.
  14. The new songs would fit if they replaced the old ones at night instead of during the day.