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Monoxide Memes

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18 hours ago, aukingiii said:

How do you people not know these things!!! I know them by heart!!!


Because not everyone has time to remember ONI stuff.

We already wasted all our brain cells on memorizing how many chops it takes to chop down a fully grown tree in Don't Starve (15 for regular/gold axe, 8 swings for Woodie, and 12 swings for Pick/Axe), and how many swipes to kite a treeguard (3, 4 if you're lucky), how many swipes it takes to mine a boulder (6), and what the damage output is for a walking cane (17), how many stacks of wood you can achieve in the standard run of the werebeaver form (2 if you're gud, like me.), the sanity aura for Glommer, Sham O Tanter, Deerclops, and Music Box Hutch. (+6.25/min, +6.70/min, -400/min, +2.5/min respectively), and you got my point a LONG time ago.

I don't have a problem. Promise. :wilson_dorky:

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On Sunday, April 16, 2017 at 9:32 AM, watermelen671 said:

You know damn well that I did that on purpose. :wilson_dorky:

Google Spoonerism, my friend.

It's not a spoon based religion, promise. :wilson_goodjob:

You got me. I did know you did that on purpose 

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10 hours ago, aukingiii said:

Wait am I just crazy or did that used to say good spoonerism? 

You are crazy. It never said that.


10 hours ago, aukingiii said:

Depends on what I'm supposed to do in it

Um...I dunno? Worship @nome? Maybe all you have to do is occasionally use spoonerisms? I'm not good at starting cults religions. :wilson_dead: 

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Just now, Destros09 said:

I suggested memes not included, but no titles are changing now

I just wanted to point out that breathable oxygen consists of two atoms, not one. There's also a molecule that consists of 3 O atoms(ozone), but that's not breathable. 

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While Minespatch and everyone else is posting in Maxwell Memes, it's up to me to keep this thread somewhat alive. Oh well, at least it's me coming up with all the ideas ^_^

I thought of this one a little while ago (after killing all my dupes in ONI XD )

boop boop.jpg



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