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  1. I’m not that creative if you can’t tell
  2. Plot twist. When maxwell refers to "them" at the end of adventure mode he is talking about the pigs.
  3. Not sure if this is already here somewhere Credit because i did not make this one
  4. Wait did i tag the wrong people? Im too tired to look so eh?
  5. @watermelen671 @Xedlord Can you guys make this into your own thread? This is getting a bit offtopic don't you think?
  6. Boy i feel bad for that one person who has arachnophobia
  7. patiently waits for somebody to solo misery toadstool
  8. I don't have enough salt in my diet to be mad :3 bonus transparent!
  9. You guys put the last post's desktop art in the FAQ. You get an F for plagiarism Kappa
  10. Is there a specific number of skins you will receive from the gift box?