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Oxygen Not Included Pre-Release Alpha - Available Now!

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Alpha Now Available!

Oxygen Not Included: Alpha Now Available
Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that the Oxygen Not Included Alpha is now available for purchase! 

What is Oxygen Not Included?
Oxygen Not Included is a space-colony simulation game. Manage your colonists and help them dig, build and maintain a subterranean asteroid base.
You'll need water, warmth, food, and oxygen to keep them alive, and even more than that to keep them happy.

What is Alpha?
We still have a lot of things planned for Oxygen Not Included, however we now feel that the game is fun and interesting enough that we want you to give it a try, and most importantly, we want your feedback. We're not quite ready for a large scale release yet, because we want to gather feedback from our fans first, so we are offering it to you before we go into early-access

Oxygen Not Included is now available for purchase for $19.99 USD during Alpha. We expect the price to be higher in the future, however we have not set a final price yet. 

What can I expect from the Alpha?
There are a lot of things we want to add to Oxygen Not Included. Here are some of the more important things we want to address. Order is subject to change.


  • More things that are sensitive to the effects of temperature
  • More tools to deal with temperature
  • Improved base sustainability
  • More ways to create sustainable systems for resources such as water, fertilizer, dirt etc.
  • Improved stress gameplay
  • More stress responses and behaviours for strung out Duplicants
  • More ways to reduce and prevent stress
  • New biomes and creatures
  • Buried Artifacts
  • Mysterious objects hidden in the world that may help or harm you

This list could change entirely once we see people playing the game. We could decide some of these things are no longer needed or that new things are more important, so please be aware that the list above is not set in stone. 

The game will receive periodic updates introducing more content. We do not have an expected content schedule at this time, but we expect the frequency to be about once every 4-6 weeks. Due to the systematic nature of the game, it is important that updates are substantial and reasonably balanced before entering the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the system requirements?
Specs are likely to change, but currently these are the requirements we have. It is highly recommended that you do not purchase if you aren't over this spec as we may have to raise the spec in the future. 

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: I5 2.0 GHz Dual core(or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1.5 GB available space

Will there be OSX/Linux support?
We plan on adding OSX/Linux support at a later date.

If I purchase during Alpha, will I get the full game at launch?
Yes. When you buy Oxygen Not Included during alpha, you will have access to the game through early-access and you will get the full game at launch.

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?
There are no plans to support any other platforms at this time.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?
Come let us know about it on the forums!

Will there be multiplayer?
There are currently no plans to add multiplayer.

Is there an NDA, can I stream the Alpha?
There is no nondisclosure agreement, and you are welcome to stream and make videos of your gameplay according to our content guidelines. We do ask that you make your viewers aware that the game is in a pre-release stage. Feel free to let your viewers know that we welcome their feedback as well!

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