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  1. Created algae is counted in the display even when not in a storage. All accessible algae is counted. You should watch for when it pops out of the distillers (atleast for me there is not problem)
  2. The liquid pipe tooltip says it requires a supply of Gas, not liquid, and says it pumps 10.0kg or Gas per second, not liquid
  3. Arf, was hoping for a water/gas pump fix >< call me selfish but none of these things happened to me good job anyways
  4. Just to be sure, have you checked it doesn't add ANY number? Because it creates 1000g of algae, not kg, so it might be hard to notice.
  5. When an algae terrarium finishes building, the little white text that pops up says "AlgaeHabitat" instead of algae terrarium
  6. Have you checked how much oxygen per tile there was? Under 50g of oxygen per tile, the air will be considered unbreathable even thought it shows blue on the air overlay.
  7. The issue (seems to be the same as with the gas pump) is that the pump only"recognizes" the first liquid it pumped in the session (when you create the pump or load the game). So because you were pumping water first and contaminated after that, it doesn't do anything to the contaminated water BUT if you reload it will work (but only for contaminated water i think).
  8. Once you manage to dig up phoshorite, the resource display displays it as Phosphorite AND Phosphorus(same quantities).
  9. Started a new game. Started to build a manual generator, an algae desoxydizer and a bettery. Once the desoxydizer got built, deactivated it. While the battery is still building, the duplicant still goes and runs on the generator to try and power the desoxydizer. If i look on the report it effectively adds 400J/s on wasted.
  10. If i set the gas filter to a specific one (was hydrogen for me) save the game and reload it the selected filter does not get saved and you have to set it again. Did not test with liquid filter.
  11. There are only 40g of co2 in here. I think the pump considers itself to be in gas when there is atleast 100+g of gas . Were there 400-900 in each tile or in total?
  12. Not sure if it is a bug, you have oxygen coming from the algae deoxydizer on the left so it pushes it away.. have you tried shutting it off?