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  1. I am also having problems with the Gas Intakes. I have 2 pumps both literally in the middle of NOTHING but pure hydrogen, yet they are hardly taking any in and saying that Gas is not present?w
  2. Yay! I fixed a neat glitch where you could just run over and pick them up. And they are now stackable to 10. (On that note, oddly enough Slurtles and Snurtles in the inventory will still produce slime. )
  3. Thanks for the compliments. ^^ @goldfish911 I'll see what I can do. Most likely though that would be a separate mod, as it affects the creatures themselves and not the trap function. Edit: Working on a few things for this mod. Namely making trapped creatures, via normal trap only, stackable to 10 as inventory items, this includes frogs and spiders. After which I will work on the loot feature. (You see slurtles/snurtles have a 100 % drop rate * 2 of slime. Which means they always drop two slime, with a chance of their other drops. I will probably use something similar to this. )
  4. Version 2


    This is my first mod so be kind. Lets you catch Pengulls, Slurtles and Snurtles with the basic traps! Tested and working on all the above. Keep in mind Pengulls only have a 10% loot drop chance, even with this mod. These mobs can be set back down, they must be murdered in the inventory to receive their drop. (Just like rabbits) May make changes to the mod later for added features. The above are now stackable to 10! I fixed a glitch/error where you could just run and pick them up. Thanks to these amazing modders for helping me out! Malacath seronis debugman18 simplex
  5. I really like the idea of this mod. But I got this warning when I tried to use it.
  6. I think a chance on finding a worm would be best. ^^ That way you could find some in the cave rocks as will. (As opposed to a certain kind of rock only) But ultimately it is your decision. Thanks for the response.
  7. Your welcome. It s certainly an awesome mod. I was thinking it would be more difficult as it's a bigger items with more features. XD C'est la vie. But no harm in suggesting anyway.
  8. I am using RPG HUD neat 45 and Dawnbreak and it seems to work fine for me. ^^ I have not gone into the caves yet but nothing else is going wrong.
  9. I like this MOD. ^^ Makes sense and obtaining feathers easier. However the drop rate I find is annoying. It makes making darts and feather requiring items op. I think maybe 1-2 feathers a day would be a good balance. As it is I can get-6 feathers daily and make darts like a factory.... But changing it is up to you and ability to do so. I'm not a modder. XD
  10. I would just like to say I looooovve this MOD! I was just thinking to myself yesterday how I would love to place Tallbird nests where I wanted and how it was weird that cave plants could not be replanted. >.< This also makes flowers easier and a lot more sense. This works well with: Plantable Fabbits, Happy Flowers, and the Tallbrood MODs. Thought I would put it out there as I was a bit concerned at fist. I have a possible suggestion! Maybe planting fish/frog legs to create a pond? Given this may be difficult. But it would not be op I think because you still have to get past the frogs for fishing. (Or maybe plant fish for frog ponds and eels for mosquito ponds?)
  11. I love this idea. ^^ But I feel that finding one every time you break a rock is a little op. And when you cook it, it is better than berries. With this mod it makes surviving on them a little op.... I love the feeding them to caged birds to make silk though, as a slightly easier alternative to farming spider nests. But that makes it too easy with so many worms easy to get. XD Of course this is your mod so if you don't feel like changing that it's fine.
  12. I loved this mod. ^^ I have a suggestion and a glitch though! First of all the glitch. When you are killed, don't ask me why as this has nothing to do with dying/revival, but there is a glitch where it kick you out of the game. Go back into the game and you continue at your last auto-save. I'm pretty sure it was this mod as I have every other mod I was using still enabled and have not had the problem since I disabled this mod. Another thing would be maybe making it harder to craft? I love it, but it is easier to craft than the mining helmet. Maybe require nightmare fuel as it is a skull? (Dunno just trying to help.)