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  1. It's been a few months since I've played, but I started a new SW game and I'm experiencing a lack of ballphins, too. Glad to see I'm not alone though! I thought maybe they all disappeared because I killed one.
  2. I don't know if clicking No on the Dart Traps just means limited dart traps, but I turned them off for a world with Wendy (because Abigail kept triggering them in my last world) and I still get shot at when I chip off a relic or I or Abigail stepping on a trigger. I like to play around with world customization to see what kind of world gen I get and it still seems to pick and choose from the things I want to alter. I also had many vines (both attacking vines and just hanging) despite putting them on less.
  3. I've had this bug before, except at that time I couldn't go anywhere and was permanently stuck. I was just at the queen's island and then got picked up by the Roc (the cave from that island led me back to my home island), so I wanted to give the queen her staff. This room is the one right before the exit room, but I can't go through the door. I've tried going to other rooms and restarting my game to no luck. At first the door was down until I went two rooms over and came back, then it was open but still unable to go through. I attempted to try going back out of the cave and trying another day, but immediately got attacked by a million of those little rabid beetles and died, haha.
  4. Previously I looked forward to going to the General Store every day in search of cloth, but the store manager doesn't change the stock. It's the same stuff on display every day in the same spots. He'll only replace the things I buy. And I believe the other stores aren't changing either, though I rarely visit them. I'm not sure if this is part of the new update? I'm hoping it's a glitch. I'm on day 14 but I'm hoping it'll change eventually.
  5. World customization is definitely working now! I might have too much gold now lol whoops Thanks for the game update!
  6. I audibly gasped when I saw Hamlet seasons displaying this morning. Thanks a bunch!
  7. I had this problem as well and disabled Geometric Placement after seeing @FuriousBr's idea and now I can place a window and hanging light without issues. (Thanks!) Still no wall art though; looks like they took that away. I should've had the idea to turn off mods turning beta for a few problems.
  8. I had a lot of oincs and decided to redecorate and wanted to see if the placing wall art problem had been fixed, but I guess that category has been removed. So I decided to do windows instead and, much like the poster problem, it wouldn't fit to the wall. Although you can actually build it! It just sort of hovers in the wall. Hopefully this one can be fixed and not taken away because I love the bigger windows!
  9. Hi! I dropped some poop on the ground inside my house, picked it back up, and now whenever I'm inside my house or inside any other building, I keep hearing the flies sound that usually accompanies poop. Even logging out and back in. I haven't tried on a different island yet. Also, this may be on purpose, but there's three different kinds of "hanging vines" (one not pictured) in the world building options. The one not pictured I assume is the horizontal vines...are there two different vines that drop down? It just seems like a lot of hanging vines options and their pictures vary, but they still say "hanging vines."
  10. I started a new game with the new update and entered a cave and it's pretty much black except for things I can interact with. Lighting a fire or torch doesn't illuminate the ground either.
  11. I noticed the game doesn't let you place things too close to the sides in houses (unless it's a window) so I was surprised it let me place the fridge this close to the corner on the back wall. I've been trying to put two monster meats in there, but it will only let me place anything on the bottom left spot and nowhere else. I haven't tried moving it over yet because then I'd probably have to move everything over.
  12. Did their desks randomly disappear? I've had a few games where the desk the shops pigs sit at just disappear and they run at the walls because they have nowhere to sit.
  13. I hammered the hanging fish in my home and bought the cat poster, but it won't let me place it anywhere. Maybe if I could bring it up a little on the wall. It won't let me choose another wall hangings either.
  14. I was mining something near one of those thunder bird owls and at the exact moment my pickax hit the stone, some lightning struck (it might have struck me, but I can't remember). Since then, any sound for a basic action like mining or cutting a tree is nonexistent. The music or clicking around the build menu is normal volume though.
  15. This is happening to me, too. Not sure if it was Abigail's fault though, but it's a bummer.