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  1. @thomas4845 This is the best I could do for an interaction, hope you like it
  2. oh thankyou! I'm glad you stopped by ^^
  3. Art from recent times! It was Whyatt's birthday last month so I drew this as a 'celebration' 'Sometimes you just gotta be mad' Woodie is an old deity with 3 fursona's you can't convince me otherwise :3 Whyatt is a skeleton this year for October
  4. Hi All, So I released my don't starve OC 'Whyatt' as a mod earlier this year and I'm looking for someone to help me with fixing up the coding and his compatibility with the new updates. I didn't code any of it, i had some help, but that person is no longer interested so I'm looking for another reliable programmer who I could possibly communicate with via Discord. Here's my mod here: Currently what I need fixed is (but not excluded to): Whyatt needs to be compatible with the new tides update, as currently the game freezes when he steps on a boat. I need to make the Saxophone item better, in that it's not based around the panflute (i have a custom sound built for it). Currently, any panflute you interact with turns into the saxophone and vice versa, which is annoying :/ The name templates are all broken since the Wortox update for some reason. On the select screen it says Random and in-game using the inspect function it defaults to Wilson for some reason. These are the biggest issues I've found but I'll probably find more as I play him again. I'd also like to add him to single-player and add in a new quirk too but for now I just want him fixed ;w;. I'd really love to find someone who's a competent coder. I am able to pay through Paypal or via art commissions so you won't be leaving empty-handed in any case.
  5. I'll put it on my to do list! That sounds like a fantastic idea ^^
  6. I don't have any Wortox and Wormwood together but I do have this piece >v>;;;
  7. I spent 4 days on this...but it was totally worth it!!!!
  8. I had to draw my Wormwood loadout because it looked like he was ready to go to school or something and it was too cute >v>
  9. @minespatch it certainly is!!! I'd also like to thank Jesse at Klei for making my day absolutely better by being so happy about my appearance in the Warly drawings thread ;w; I wish i could @mention him because I'd really like to thank him for that. I was surprised he even remembered me xD
  10. I love Warly so much, the short made me cry ;w;
  11. W-warly ;w;
  12. I realized that I never truly showed my appreciation for grass geckos in Don’t Starve so I decided to make an OC! Wapwap is a grass gecko who was magically (via shadow magic) given a human-ish form. He acts very much like a grass gecko, skittish to most sounds, and he even drops grass as a consequence! (I also drew him in my style for reference :3) He is by no means replacing Whyatt, he's just a side-project xD
  13. EmiAlvi's art!

    Hehe...that's Wyatt the Policeman owo two wyatts two wyatts aaaaa spelt differently though xD
  14. wow that's my triumphant son owo
  15. I love wormwood so so much, I cried watching his animation out of both happiness and sadness. He's definitely a new favorite (I mean he was at his launch but I love him more now and he and Whyatt shall be lonely friends c:)