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  1. Are all the codes shown above the only things I need to change? Then I can just stick the mod into the mods folder of single player? If that's all I need to do then I can certainly try it myself.
  2. I love coming back to this forum occasionally and seeing how much your art has improved ^v^ It's amazing
  3. Am I able to contact you privately about getting this changed and testing it? I currently don't have time to test it myself and I fear I would get it all wrong, I'd love for someone who knows what they're doing to help me ^v^
  4. Thankyou so much! ^v^ I'm so happy to hear that! Yeah, Whyatt is a guy ^v^ People often mistake that he's a girl cause of the hair.
  5. Sup Forums! I'm trying to get into DS again and for that to happen I really need help adapting my DS OC mod to work with solo player! I can provide the original files and such but i have no idea how the coding works! I'd love some help from someone who is knowledgable in this. I can provide a free art commission in the end for anyone who helps ^v^ This is my mod here: Here's a google drive link to the original files if anyone needs to take a look: Please reply here if you're able to help me and I'll get a convo going!
  6. A forshadowing, perhaps His demise is entering the constant itself >v>
  7. Lol, sorry guys to be like this. I kinda dropped out of the fandom for a bit and forgot to draw this stuff. I don't do as much DS stuff anymore. But I am doing a comic with Whyatt and some of the other cast, so hopefully this gets me back into it! ^v^
  8. I've been out of the loop a bit with DS/DST Fanart. Does anyone have any simple 1/2 character requests? Any skins or even just a character portrait if that interests. (I may get around to these within the next month. Last year I started off with a Charlie piece and a Maxwell, so I won't do them again.
  9. Haha thankyou for bringing back my old stuff :'')
  10. I like your drawing, but yes, please make your own thread ^v^ Have fun with making your ds art! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also just realised I never posted this comic here!!!
  11. He's actually rather tall at 190cm! Hope this helps Along came a spider and ruined this kid's life
  12. Q: Yo Whyatt! Who are you scared of the most? A: "Everyone is scary, but you can't go past Willow for the scariest personality of them all." -------------------------------------- This was for an ask on Tumblr, just a quick little sketch response, I thought it was rather funny -v-;;;
  13. Yeah I agree!! And yes, I was really inspired to draw the scene -v-
  14. The eye of the storm! (So hyped for the new content -v-) Ya! I do take requests if it's something I haven't drawn before! And thankyou so much for following my work that means a lot ^v^
  15. I absolutely adore the humor in this comic strip, exactly the kind that Wilson would expect ^^ Amazing work as always