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  1. And a Maxwell Piece to top it all off OuO
  2. Some more stuff I forgot to upload! - Whyatt and a Koalaphant for winter - Winona and Whyatt Interaction - Wigfrid and Whyatt street performing in Hamlet - Whyatt and Wes interaction - Snowfallen Whyatt for December - Survivor Whyatt Skin re-do Comments are appreciated! <3
  3. The only problem is i don't know where to put these files and what things i should be replacing...
  4. I've added you ^^ Oh so basically i'm just replacing that ones i have now with the ones they gave me? I think i understand now.
  5. Now it says 'an error has occured while starting your game' it won't even load in now. I've made sure its /dontstarvetogether/mods/foldername/ and then the 3 files the other user gave me inside. But it doesnt look like its working. What i'm most confused about is the fact that there's only three files, when my original mod folder has all the assets and everything. Serpens Files: My Files (mod that is currently uploaded onto steam)
  6. Hi @Lokoluna, thankyou so much for your help! So I've just put the unzipped file into that folder there and started up a world, the character doesn't even appear for selection! So I don't know where to go from here. Was I supposed to unzip it?
  7. @Serpens If it's easier for you i have the original files here ^^
  8. Thankyou so much for this, again i'm so so sorry for the late reply, I will test this out as soon as i possibly can! You've been a huge help, even if the character specific stuff is still not done, but I'm so grateful that you helped me with fixing him for the updates ^^ I'll update you on how it all goes, I'll be back with a report soon! ^^ @Serpens By the way, I'm pretty new with how all this stuff works, if i just upload these files you've given me into the don't starve mods tools for my mod on steam, i assume that'll all be good and it'll work?
  9. Some more art I forgot to post uwu Also I really love Wurt!!! She's so cute!!! Definitely a friend for Wormwood :> The Witchlow and Science Wilson are just some Halloween things I wanted to do. And the Saladmander with Willow was for the Klei art challenge owo
  10. I thought Willow would be protective of a Saladmander if she ever had one as a pet (Just a quick sketch, nothing impressive this week ^^;)
  11. Still the greatest interaction ever xD I just love??? how you??? draw Wes???? he so tufff. It's like your style but still the DS style and it's like....whaaa so good! I'd die for Wilsons face here, that is all B) BABY BABY BABBY BAABBBBBBB!!!!!!!! D:
  12. Hi there @Serpens, so sorry for the late reply, I don't get a chance to get on the forums very often ^^; I can send you a GDrive link with all the files in it if that will help. Even if you can't help with the character quirks, it'd be really great if I just got him fixed and working with the new updates! And thankyou so much for going ahead with that! I do believe I do have some older files for his coding I'll just have to find it for you! If you want to contact me on discord also (which will make it easier) please do tell me ^^
  13. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys ^^ I did a piece for the Malbatross, I absolutely love its design and it's a fun boss! I love birds so I couldn't NOT draw it xD
  14. @thomas4845 This is the best I could do for an interaction, hope you like it
  15. oh thankyou! I'm glad you stopped by ^^