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  1. Oh! ... "can't find link to Klei's twitch" I'm gonna try to find that link than! Thank you! ^o^ Thank you so much! XD It's actually suppose to be first picture of all that what I post earlier, Even though it's for 6th chapter all the others came after this scene. Yep, everyone and everything try to kill poor Wilson!
  2. XD Wendy here actually remind me about Tim Burton's style! Looks very close to it! *o* And, owww, this tiny banana is so cute!!!
  3. Thank you a lot! Well, it's all red cause this scene is happening in Wilson's mind, and he is dieing cause spiders damage him pretty badly, and his wounds are infected and there are no one around who can help him. But I'm actually glad you was able to understand at least something out of this nonsense what I write here!
  4. Awwwww! My favorite skin!!! *o* Oh, he looks just ADORABLE!!! Poor little Wilson, all wounded but still fighting!
  5. XD Even though I loath this movie this scene looks more acceptable. And Wayne been his cute self! He is adorably evil! And that Charlie at the end! XD It's so cute!
  6. For some weird reasons Maxwell with mustaches looks freakishly HILARIOUS!!! Yet some how he reminds me of Jafar mixed with Don Corleone! O_o
  7. Wow! O_o That's something unexpected! Does this picture has some kind of prehistory for it? it's pretty interesting concept, as I see every Wilsons have a different ways of controlling spiders!
  8. WOW that perspective and composition! OoO It seems like she stretching her hand through my screen! That's fantastic effect! OoO And I also love the way you add shadows! It made picture so life like! Great job!
  9. Looks pretty interesting! XD But what's with that side locks? O_o They just looks out of place, and, on Wilson's promo art we can clearly see he didn't have anything like it: But it's look pretty accurate so far!
  10. It's look pretty neat so far! But yes, his eyes are gonna be tricky to made in 3d? since in 2d he actually has no eyes but only his eyebrows and dots under it! Maybe try to do his eyebrows first, and than think about how to add some eyes? O_o (I'm not an expert and it's just a thought) But great job so far! \^o^/
  11. I'm so sorry, again, I see I miss some interesting stuff in here! \*o*/ But, I came up with another part, and this time, I actually try to translate part of this fic to where this illustration suppose to be. I'm so sorry for my terrible english, but, here we go: - Why should I trust you? - He honestly were trying to sound unbiased, but it didn't sound very convenient - hatred clouded his ability to think clearly. - You trapped me in this damned world! Overflow this place with lot's of bloodthirsty creatures! Destroy all resources! You made me live in constant fear! Name me one good reason, why should I even listen to you!? Maxwell didn't answer at first. Crumpled smoked cigar, took out pocket watch and open it's cap and set clock's arrows on several minutes back. And then wipe watch's glass and turn it to face Wilson. - Main reason - this clock. Thanks to it, Higgsbury, you are still alive. But if I do this, - demon press on hidden button on clock's housing and alchemist doubled over out of pain in his side, - and your time would slip through my fingers. So I advice you to choose your tone and don't struggle way too much. Frozen with fear Wilson wasn't even able to object. Sharp teeth niggling his bones strip him out of this opportunity - they sink in his rib-cage so strong, what he was forced to bite his lips only not to scream. Wave of panic buried all emotions, and didn't leave any place for calmness or discretion. If it isn't for Maxwell's presence alchemist would howl out of primal terror. Demon knew where to hit: Wilson feared oblivion far worse than shadows and spiders. - Does it hurt? - Maxwell compassionately inquired, materializing a 4th cigar out of air. - Death would be even more agonizing. And much more terrifying. By the way, - he brush off ash from his shoulder, - you have less than an hour. Lungs start to fill with blood - real one, not imaginary, and when Wilson grab his own wrist he automatically mark what his pulse is fading. Quickly. Irreversibly. Maxwell didn't lie - his body, burning with fever dying. "Temperature over 104,0 of degrees Fahrenheit is critical for huma..." - Fine! - his survival instinct overcome his pride and those words came out of him by themselves. - I listen! What do you want? Thank you so much! Well, it's probably not that good, but, I'm pretty stubborn person to practice drawing... a lot. O_o Oh! I don't know what's that "artist badge" should be, but it's sound interesting! XD Wow! I actually don't know where they hold this stuff, but if it's on stream it's a bit late for me. but thank you so much for information!
  12. But, as I was saying, in Japan they teach them to draw since the day they were born, other countries has some kind of community colleges (whatever that is) and it's all cheap or for free, and I can't have it just because I was born in a wrong country? That sound's like a nazism to me. A-ha, by drawing that swallowing fetish or some child pornography? Yep, that's very "serious". -_- And it is very distinguishes style, what was made specifically to stand out from others, but on tumblr, look closely, same emotions, poses, noses, face shapes, etc. I think I bring you amazing example in that "chick". And that is a clear and unfair advantage they got! Also, if they to have ability to use that too, that's mean they can't be called self-taught anymore, which they do, all the time. If you reread my messages more carefully you might notice, I never say they don't looking for improvement, but they NEVER help anybody who ASK them for advice or tips how to improve or hot to get specific things they got. For experiment, find someone on tumblr, and ask them yourself, they would blabber something standard about "practicing more" thou never mentioning how exactly, what technique or what books and tutorials they are using, or something even more stupid like "You guys don't know how to use (insert whatever you ask them about) or something." Also, do you think they actually deserve improvement, to draw even more of that revolting fetishes? Do you seriously need more "quality" art of that!? XD I know that. There are lot's of speedpaints on YouTube, but. speedpaints don't help you, you just see how they are doing it, but now they even hide that tool panels, cause they would probably die if you would see what tools they use. >_> And, without explaining it doesn't worth anything. I mean you can see Sakimichan's speedpaint, but do you understand even slightly what she is doing there, or how she doing it - no, cause you are just self-taught and that girl has art school and art university where they teach her all that things so she wasn't struggling one bit to have it all! Life nowadays goes just like that, if you have wealthy parents who can pay for whatever you want than you have an awesome life!
  13. Go for it! It's Legacy of Kain, probably Soul Reaver 2 or Defiance. It's amazing game series! But it's pretty old, still, I think it's got the best story, characters, voice acting and soundtrack. I just love it WAY too much! Maxwell got BUFF!!! I guess with his actual complexion that was the first thing he change in himself when he got codex! XD
  14. -_- I have no idea from where you from, but in my country ANY type of art education cost A LOT! We don't have it in schools for free like other countries, so, if you don't have wealthy parent than it's impossible to attend it. Of course they are privileged with that! It's actually showcase even more how hypocritical they all are, and, it's funny how there are so many SWJs in there, but yet, they never touch themes of THAT kind of privileges!
  15. Well, yes, indeed. But, if I wouldn't tell, would you assume what my style deeply inspired by Evana love? Even if you could, there are huge difference between us, how we draw, our composition, coloring, and other stuff. But on tumblr, they all the same, poses, that same exaggerated emotions, colors (that flower crowns and colored hair especially), line always look as messy as possible, same way of drawing eyes, same face shapes, and other stuff (and that I don't even touch how they are love to made normal characters into some kind of cheap whores or "darker and edgier" with that stupid unrealistic smiles, blood everywhere and some kind of cold weapons in hands.) >_> Maybe for persons who not so keen on art and watch it just for fun, and not desperately looking for ways to improve themselves, it might get unnoticed. but for me it's painfully obvious. Oh, and when you ask them, how did they get something in art, then always tell you some bulls**t how they "achieve it all by themselves" yet if you dig any deeper you'll find out what almost every single one of them has some kind of special art educations, like art schools or art universities, and some even have life long personal art trainers in their art educated parents! And not even single one of them can tell you something actually USEFUL, heh, some times they can't even explain how they got this, or that stuff in their pictures! That's speaks A LOT!