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  1. "Come my friend, we shall emerge from the darkness victorious! Join me in battle!" Whyatt doesn't seem so keen, but the two musical nerds will do their best to fight off the shadows uwu
  2. Here are some averagely safe drawings I did for Goretober. The prompts were Glass and Too Many Teeth!
  3. I ADORE what Klei showed us in the Wigfrid animation, i'm so glad we got to see someone make a deal with Maxwell again, it makes it all the more interesting. Also funny how now we know she was one of the first to be pulled into the constant, shown by the earthquake article on the newspaper. Kinda makes you wonder what his deal is, bringing all the performers back with him to the constant. I have many theories -v- So glad my girl got an update! I gotta draw her new skin too!
  4. I drew this a long while ago when my Wilson comic was a priority but i just wanted to share it now, the concept of Snowfallen Wilson accidentally freezing someone was too funny to me -v-
  5. @gaymime Totally forgot to post this but i did draw him!
  6. That's accurate you're right xD
  7. Wilson tries his hardest to understand botanical science, even if his only willing test subject is a sentient plant child. Love the new skins, I'm drawing Triumphant Wormwood next, it's such a good skin.
  8. Happy Birthday to Wormwood!!! I gave him his favourite food, cooked banana's -v-
  9. A collection of freaky wilsons i've done recently >.>;;;
  10. Just some sketches of my faves
  11. Haven't got much in the way of canon art this month, only a few Whyatt drawings! <3
  12. And a Maxwell Piece to top it all off OuO
  13. Some more stuff I forgot to upload! - Whyatt and a Koalaphant for winter - Winona and Whyatt Interaction - Wigfrid and Whyatt street performing in Hamlet - Whyatt and Wes interaction - Snowfallen Whyatt for December - Survivor Whyatt Skin re-do Comments are appreciated! <3
  14. Some more art I forgot to post uwu Also I really love Wurt!!! She's so cute!!! Definitely a friend for Wormwood :> The Witchlow and Science Wilson are just some Halloween things I wanted to do. And the Saladmander with Willow was for the Klei art challenge owo
  15. I thought Willow would be protective of a Saladmander if she ever had one as a pet (Just a quick sketch, nothing impressive this week ^^;)
  16. Still the greatest interaction ever xD I just love??? how you??? draw Wes???? he so tufff. It's like your style but still the DS style and it's like....whaaa so good! I'd die for Wilsons face here, that is all B) BABY BABY BABBY BAABBBBBBB!!!!!!!! D:
  17. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys ^^ I did a piece for the Malbatross, I absolutely love its design and it's a fun boss! I love birds so I couldn't NOT draw it xD
  18. @thomas4845 This is the best I could do for an interaction, hope you like it
  19. oh thankyou! I'm glad you stopped by ^^
  20. Art from recent times! It was Whyatt's birthday last month so I drew this as a 'celebration' 'Sometimes you just gotta be mad' Woodie is an old deity with 3 fursona's you can't convince me otherwise :3 Whyatt is a skeleton this year for October
  21. I'll put it on my to do list! That sounds like a fantastic idea ^^
  22. I don't have any Wortox and Wormwood together but I do have this piece >v>;;;
  23. I spent 4 days on this...but it was totally worth it!!!!
  24. I had to draw my Wormwood loadout because it looked like he was ready to go to school or something and it was too cute >v>