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  1. Also some recent sketch drawings of my fave boy Wilson, and also Triumphant Whyatt (Maestro)
  2. First page of Whyatt's comic, I forgot to post this but I finished it for Whyatt's birthday this month. This is part 1/3 of the prologue before I get into chapter one - which, spoilers, will feature Willow first and foremost as she was the first person Whyatt met in his story More to soon come!
  3. Thanks for the help guys but i've been told it requires a whole recode, so now I am requiring someone to do that for me. I'm willing to pay someone to recode my character into single player, so if anyone knows how to do that, please contact me and I can pay via paypal or supply art.
  4. I can try that, thanks! Does anyone know how I can go about extracting those files? I assume i would just subscribe to one and find the modinfo.lua in the mod folder with no issues? I'm not a coder so hopefully i can figure something out
  5. I opened a page for this earlier this year but I'm having some issues still. This is currently what my modinfo.lua looks like. I've saved this and put the mod folder into the Don't Starve Mod folder. I can enable the mod in the mod menu when i open the game, but the character won't show up on the selection screen. Any tips on how I can fix this? Cheers. Here's the mod folder And proof that it already works on DST
  6. I love coming back to this forum occasionally and seeing how much your art has improved ^v^ It's amazing
  7. Thankyou so much! ^v^ I'm so happy to hear that! Yeah, Whyatt is a guy ^v^ People often mistake that he's a girl cause of the hair.
  8. A forshadowing, perhaps His demise is entering the constant itself >v>
  9. Lol, sorry guys to be like this. I kinda dropped out of the fandom for a bit and forgot to draw this stuff. I don't do as much DS stuff anymore. But I am doing a comic with Whyatt and some of the other cast, so hopefully this gets me back into it! ^v^
  10. I've been out of the loop a bit with DS/DST Fanart. Does anyone have any simple 1/2 character requests? Any skins or even just a character portrait if that interests. (I may get around to these within the next month. Last year I started off with a Charlie piece and a Maxwell, so I won't do them again.
  11. Haha thankyou for bringing back my old stuff :'')
  12. I like your drawing, but yes, please make your own thread ^v^ Have fun with making your ds art! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also just realised I never posted this comic here!!!
  13. He's actually rather tall at 190cm! Hope this helps Along came a spider and ruined this kid's life
  14. Q: Yo Whyatt! Who are you scared of the most? A: "Everyone is scary, but you can't go past Willow for the scariest personality of them all." -------------------------------------- This was for an ask on Tumblr, just a quick little sketch response, I thought it was rather funny -v-;;;
  15. Yeah I agree!! And yes, I was really inspired to draw the scene -v-
  16. The eye of the storm! (So hyped for the new content -v-) Ya! I do take requests if it's something I haven't drawn before! And thankyou so much for following my work that means a lot ^v^
  17. I absolutely adore the humor in this comic strip, exactly the kind that Wilson would expect ^^ Amazing work as always
  18. Thankyou!! ^^ I love adding the smallest of details in my work. Call it OCD if you will
  19. It's never a bad time to hug a best boi Also happy birthday to the best science man in gaming history!!
  20. Gosh dang i absolutely love your rendtion of tri wilson :0 so pretty! The colouring is really good too!
  21. Please message me about it ^^ Here is not the place i think...
  22. He ended up helping so many people be happy, but at his own demise Thankyou to Klei for the juicy lore though :]
  23. Chester, that's the one i quoted ^^ It's all in the name of fire science xD