Shipwrecked Build 167804 - Feb 25th

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  • Developer




  • World customization for Shipwrecked.


  • Added Shipwrecks to ocean.


  • Added new playable character: Woodlegs!


  • Quacken!


  • Cactus armor
  • Water graves
  • Shark Teeth Crown
  • Horned Helmet
  • Dripple Pipes
  • Sea Sack


  • You can now pick Shipwrecked characters when starting a new RoG world.
  • You can now paste text into the developer console.


  • Adjusted some contents of treasure chests
  • Coconuts will sometimes fall on your head when cutting a tall coconut tree.
  • Trees now die if planted in inhospitable environments.
  • Added interaction animations to the Seaworthy.


  • Seagulls appear more often and steal food
  • Whales are now tougher to fight and can’t be stun-locked
  • Sharkittens drop fewer gills.
  • Floaty Boaty Knights drop fewer gears.
  • Perishable items now perish 2x faster if the container they are held in is poisoned.
  • Krampus no longer tries to steal items on the water.
  • Water Beefalo now drop horns.


  • Wilbur can now throw poop.
  • Maxwell will now be greeted by Wally in Shipwrecked worlds.
  • Warly’s Chefpack now has 8 slots.
  • Warly has learned some new recipes that can only be made in his portable cookpot.
  • Warly dislikes eating the same food too often, and dislikes under-prepared food more.
  • Walani can now surf all types of waves.
  • Walani dries off quicker.
  • Walani’s surfboard is more durable.


  • Slightly reduced hunger value for California Roll
  • Pirate Hat now increases map reveal distance when on boats and offers rain protection. Bonus bird spawns has been cut
  • Limestone armor speed reduction adjusted to 10% reduced speed
  • Portable crockpot no longer functions in flood waters
  • Boar-heads on a stick drop bamboo instead of twigs
  • Obsidian tools now deal more damage the hotter they get.
  • Speargun reworked. You now load spears into the speargun and shoot them instead of crafting one speargun per shot.
  • Magiluminescence can now be refueled using nightmare fuel.
  • Added additional chances to get a cane or magiluminescence from treasures.
  • Booty Bag now drops dubloons periodically.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where water could sometimes come through sandbags
  • The boat will no longer disappear when using Life Giving Amulet on a boat.
  • Fixed bug where poop would sometimes not float.
  • Wilbur can no longer read gravestones and signs.


Hotfix 167890:

  • Quacken will no longer drop loot every time you reload the world.
  • Warly's penalty for eating the same food multiple times in a row works.
  • Warly no longer considers Wet Goop "Delectable", even if it is the a fresh new experience for him.
  • Some of Warly's recipes had their values increased.
  • Fixed an issue where loading old RoG saves would crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to generate new Vanilla or RoG worlds.

Hotfix 168028:

  • Fixed crash when reading a map for a treasure that was already discovered.
  • Removed some old boons that included old versions of spear guns.
  • The Ice Staff will freeze stuff again.
  • Fixed issue where poop would sometimes be invisible when thrown.
  • Fixed a crash in seagullspawner.lua.
  • Combat music no longer starts when a coconut falls on your head.
  • Added some optimizations that should help reduce memory usage during world gen when using mods that have a lot of config options.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when packim became unpoisoned.
  • Fixed issue where seasons would all default to 20 days long.
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  • Developer
2 minutes ago, HeilerderWelten said:

Klei and Capy are the greatest people in the world!

Do we need to make a new world to get the quacken to spawn?

No, Quacken should spawn in old worlds. You will need a new world to unlock Woodlegs and see shipwrecks, though.

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3 minutes ago, JimmyJam said:

omg I cant wait to play this :D

They did it oh my god they did it lol

I am so happy, many things on the: "11 things Shipwrecked is missing list" are considered

and changed in this update, I love those Kleis and Capys so much. ^^

Edited by HeilerderWelten
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