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  1. YES!!! So excited to check out the haunted shipwrecks! Are they always in the world or can they only be unlocked during specific times like full moons?
  2. So I just realized, with this new update, 99% of hosts will never see console text from their client unless they disable multiworlds. It's kind of dumb that it's now default that console text won't be seen from the client. Is it possible to make it so that admins/hosts receive console info?
  3. Since you mentioned it, you've never been able to copy/paste console commands in the linux build. Pls Klei, have mercy on us lazy linux users. :'/
  4. Thank you guys for pushing out this multilevel option so quick! I was afraid I'd have to wait until at least Monday. My netbook is very grateful. You guys are the best! The preset bug is fixed too. <3
  5. Is there any way to use the old non-dedicated system? While it's awesome that you guys managed to get it working, this does seem to be a bit more resource-intensive, and my itty bitty netbook is struggling mightily. Its fan has been on full blast, red alert. I did opt out of using the caves, so at least there's just what I assume are the overworld server and the client, but it'd be really cool if there's some way that I can just use the client like before.
  6. Agreed. As expected, the prices were a bit crazy right at the beginning, but they've mostly become fairly reasonable in a short amount of time. The ultra rare items are even cheaper than they were when we had the key system.
  7. If I choose a custom worldgen preset, worldgen completely ignores it and generates a default map. If I go and manually change some options without using a preset, then it does work. It just doesn't like presets anymore for some reason.
  8. I have determined that there is indeed a secret trade inn ritual that you can perform to maximize your chances for sweet loot. Dampe the beefalokeeper is just trying to throw you off. Secret trade inn ritual: joystick click, left, right, up, down, click, click, wait 3.3 seconds, click on Dampe's nose 3 times, then trade!
  9. Seeing the current skin prices is comical. Commons and classies are selling for multiple dollars. I really hope nobody is dumb enough to buy for these prices. Oh, and on the mac version, DST's title is "simple directmedia layer" edit: and I don't think the worldgen options are working. I tried to generate a blank map, but none of my changes went through.
  10. You title makes me imagine that you acquire skins through the magical powers of Dubstep


    1. ImDaMisterL


      ... But... why dubstep?

    2. Asparagus


      *drops the bass*


  11. Also if you stunlock Sealnado then its AI bugs out and it stops attacking forever. You can just stand by it and it will act strangely and run away.
  12. Wolfgang would have double the value of Webber regardless of the market. All you're talking about is whether people are able to easily inform themselves about the worth of their items. Like right now Wigfrid seems to be the high-priced GoH for whatever reason, but since there's no market you can find people who aren't aware of Wigfrid's worth, so you can rip them off and trade for less than what they'd be able to get. Remember, the market isn't what will give rise to the disparity in worth; all it will do is inform people so they know the worth of their items.
  13. So much this. The only argument I've seen those against the market make is some nebulous fear that it'll turn into tf2, but people are ALREADY idling and selling/buying skins for money. By putting it on the market officially you just discourage sharking. And I don't know why people are so against Klei making a small profit. They straight up gave away thousands of copies of DST when it launched, and they underpriced Shipwrecked by quite a lot. I don't know what else they have to do to prove that they're the good guys. Considering that people are already buying/selling skins, putting it on the market just seems like the sensible thing to do moving forward. It informs people what things are generally worth so that they don't get taken advantage of. Whatever other solutions there may be, I think the market is a necessary component.