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  1. My Don´t Starve storybook !;)

    Hahaha yeah the shy guy from the woods.
  2. My Don´t Starve storybook !;)

    Dearclops is in camouflage mode. ^O^
  3. My Don´t Starve storybook !;)

    Thats amazing! Thanks for translating it, it sounds rather intriguing.
  4. My Don´t Starve storybook !;)

    Is it wrong that I really want to eat that blue shroom? It looks so tasty!!!
  5. My Don´t Starve storybook !;)

    I really like the blue color and that adorable plushy!
  6. My Don´t Starve storybook !;)

    Thats the most beautiful Glomglom I have ever seen!
  7. There is a shop in Hamlet...that is so good.
  8. You guys did actually implement my "Quackering Ram" Idea into the game.... Thats so great, thank you Klei! Man...Canadians are awesome!
  9. "so you would need to kill on average 16 pigs to build ONE HOUSE" Just feed 4 pigs monster meat and you get your 4 pig skin and 16 meat from were pigs.
  10. Thanks for your greatness our wonderful Klei masters.
  11. The Antlion looks great Klei and I like the changes for summer, I waited for changes since DS ROG and you heard my prayers, you did a great job. THANK YOU. P.S. Will the Antlion be attackable like the Quacken or other Bosses or will it remain as a Pig King type of creature?
  12. Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

    Thats the most cutest thing my skeleton man eye holes have ever seen. THANKS! ^__^
  13. [Game Update] - 172848

    I love you. ^__^