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  1. I like that. The bat bat is never used, its just to expensive at the moment.
  2. I would be fine with that, than give mobs a certain amount of time when they are fully wet. That would give you a reason to craft more than 2-3 water ballons.
  3. I have 2 items in mind that get rarely used at all. 1. Water Ballons raise wetness of all mobs (not only of the player and Dragonfly) - then there would actually be a proper use for the Morningstar and Electric Darts, because you can use the damage buff on wet targets in seasons other than spring (and winter in the caves, when the water drops in the caves) - throw Water Ballons at mobs to raise there wetness by 20 points each - 5 ballons make them 100% wet and electric weapons do proper damage to them - this would be extremly useful for many high health enemies (Bee Queen, Klaus, Toadstool, butterflies ) 2. Let the Morning Star be rechargable by lightning strikes - currently the Morningstar is pretty much only used to charge Volt Goats for there milk - to craft the Morning Star you need: 1x Volt Goat Horn (only 25% droprate, so you have to kill 4 of them to get 1 horn) 2x Nitre 2x Electrical Doodads (4 gold + 6 rocks) - it last 6 minutes and than it breaks, back to farm 4 Volt Goats again....and again.....please kill me How to make it a better more useful weapon? - if you get struck by lightning it recharges 100% of its durability (it won't break anymore at 0% durability), so you don't have to farm again 4 Voltgoats...I mean you have to farm them enough for Weather Pains already, another reason why nobody builds Morning Stars - when you have the Morning Star in your hand, you will attract lightning strikes similiary to WX78 - Lightning Rods, WX78 and Volt Goats have a higher priority to get struck by lightning, so that your base won't burn down constantly - the Morning Star can be recharged by lightning strikes (thunderstorm in spring), the Moosling twister/lightning attack, the Telelocator Staff and Wickers "The End is Nigh" book (you have to hold the Morning Star in your hand for the recharge, so the Telelocator Staff and Wickers book have to be used by another player) - the lightning strike damage and sanity loss can be negated if you wear the Eyebrella, Rain Coat or Rain Hat This would give the Morning Star a proper purpose, as a rechargable weapon, that emits light and actually does decent damage on wet mobs (throw Water Ballons at them like a maniac) Thank you Klei for the Axolotl Wurt skin! <3
  4. I played SW around 80-100 hours, but I want to play it with my girlfriend. Multiplayer + DST content.
  5. Indeed, the saltbox is a great addition. Atleast I thought, it is a boat for multiple people or a base platform on the ocean, but that we get eventually atleast one decent, fast 1 player boat, that is more responsive and doesn't have such a massive hitbox. I still hope we can get that. Those cute, little boys ^O^
  6. Adding Shipwrecked content would solve so many problems that I have with the DST ocean content. the SW bioms, the diffrent ships (and the SW boat mechanics for them), Tigershark, Quacken and Sealnado. All of that would animate me to play the ocean content.,
  7. Thats amazing! Thanks for translating it, it sounds rather intriguing.
  8. Is it wrong that I really want to eat that blue shroom? It looks so tasty!!!