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  1. Another day another piece of art to show.

    This time a big one drawn as the watermark tells by Halfrose also known as KingofScience here ha


    1. minespatch


      If you ever do a art or writing thread, you should do a spoiler showcase of the art people have done of you.

    2. PhelsarusBeel


      I think if anything it would be in Blog format rather than on here.

      The reason being is that over the last year my style changed pretty drasticly and it went pretty gruesome for the most part. Not sure if the forums would allow that and I don't really wanna risk it.

      Also a blog would be easier to maintain specialy in terms of art n all. Who knows tho for now I'm just busy as a bee working on my projects.

    3. DragonMage156


      Is it bad I didn't know it was Half-Rose till now? ^^;

  2. I guess since i don't post much ATM I can at least show a lil bit of art I've been getting here and there. Be it commissions or stuff I got from friends.




    1. minespatch


      Note to self: Do Mr. P art.

    2. minespatch


      image.jpeg.81752ccc630e8c8aa94e3d7ab7421355.jpeg Thought you'd like this.:wilson_wink:

  3. Current status on the Forums



    1. minespatch


      Hey there bud.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. Mobbstar


      I feel the same. Suddenly status updates everywhere.

    3. WaddleDee


      So, just to be clear, looting the body for change is out of the question? Asking for a friend.

  4. Hello Mr. P. Red Hook Studios (The developers of Darkest Dungeon) have given me a secret reveal of the upcoming boss for a super secret easter egg inside their DLC "Crimson Court". And I'm gonna show it to ya, so keep it a secret until it releases, yeah? Ok, thanks bby.


  5. So Darkest Dungeon got new DLC and it's pretty great I have to say.

    Specialy the new combat track.

  6. I ain't dead if anyone's wondering <.<

    Life's just been busy and I currently just stay in constant lurkmode but I suppose some projects here and there in regards to DST may or may not make my activity spike a bit again.

    In the meantime if anything's important either Steam or Discord is the way to contact me.


  7. Guess who finally got around to play the new pokemon games? That's right this guy.


  8. Hmm ohh damn right Forums are a thing ^^"
    To busy doing stuff on Discord as well as live just getting in the way.

    But I ain't dead just not as active here right now. Best bet to catch me is likely the Oxygen not Included discord. Either that or Steam really.

    And before I probably vanish for a few proper weeks again a lil something


    Time. Well. Spend.

  9. Happy Birthday Mez. I wish I had more than just the simple words RN but maybe I do something a bit later (whenever I get the time between work and personal responsibilities). So maybe nothing in the next day or two but maybe over the WE.
  10. I think there is only one reply appropriate for that
  11. Huh haven't made one of these in a while.

    Yeah not dead just kinda busy but for that have some music to compensate.


    1. Arlesienne


      This is cute!

  12. Welp was time for a new look again. And that also means updating signature and the likes.

    Not that it bothers me ahaha.

    1. DragonMage156


      I need a new profile pic as well...

  13. 10/10 best title for best mod

  14. *Screams of uncontrolable hype*

    Febuary is a good month for gaming it seems.

    1. Zeklo
    2. Subscriber01236


      I should probably get around to that Hollow Knight Sneak Peak from the Humble Monthly, didn't realise it was coming out so soon though!

    3. Mobbstar


      It takes a LOT of skill and dedication and team communication to arrange game visuals in a way the player always knows what is going on, but can take a screenshot at any moment and it looks completely awesome.