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  1. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    True, this is (in a way) a boorish move. But lets not be too sensitive. Because this is what get Warbacks removed in the first place...
  2. Some strange Wormwood behaviour

    I think that this is just devs oversight.
  3. They didn't implemented that? That's really strange - I thought they put Ewecus in the game. So the salt lick should be also available in game - because why not? This one is really a missed opportunity. I would love this to be implemented! Not really crucial for me personally. But it would be helpful, I guess...
  4. Hamlet Seasons Ideas

    This is really a good idea! Something unique and interesting
  5. The Genuine Hamlet™ Experience

    True, this was the case. But since the last update BFB once landed in the middle of a jungle, and second time he landed in the middle of a pig town o_O I don't know if this is a bug, or is it intentional change?
  6. Your Wormwood tips

    According to wiki it's:
  7. Transported to ocean by BFB

    That's why I call BFB Big Fu%*&ng Bird
  8. I love new and interesting characters !
  9. Why we need merged crafting.

    Parusoid is just trolling you.Don't give him attention - don't feed him.
  10. Favorite Things

    I really like shops and stuff connected to them. I also like Pig Towns and Wormwood.
  11. Exactly! I like Hamlet, but in my opinion Shipwrecked is much better
  12. Why we need merged crafting.

    Imagine, how would that enrich the end game. Plus mega bases would be just AWESOME! Since Shipwrecked I also wanted such feature. Almost endless possibilities Very simple and good idea. Exactly! When You reach the end game you are pretty much invincible anyways (unless You do something really stupid). This would be a nice additional reward for a player who gets there. An ability to introduce even more variables and exciting constructions/ farms. AND MEGA BASES OMG
  13. I put some things to start a fire in the brazier. Wormwood cathced the fire and got some damage. I know that this is the case with normal campfire, but I think, this shouldn't be the case with brazier.
  14. werewilba with no night vision

    One night I change in werewilba and gain night vision. Second night, I didn't get it - it became dark and Charlie killed me... EDIT : I transformed by eating 2 cooked snails. During Transformation, I ate 1 (or more) raw snail. Don't know if this has something to do with the bug tho.
  15. Yeah, I know they grow from the glowflies. But I was under impression, that they should spawn at the start of the Humid season NOT at the end of Temperate one. Was I wrong?