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  1. Will the Default option remain to 0 or is it planned to change its value in the future ?
  2. During the Hurricane season every kind of shelter (trees, hut, umbrella) make this kind of muffled-rain sound even during lulls when it's not raining at all, or not even windy. Thanks for fixing it
  3. Oh yes I hope they will never violate the tacit rule that you are the only one of your kind. And if they don't implement the Floral Shirt from RoG to wear on the beach, it will be like a knife in the ribs to me.
  4. Do you even play Don't Starve ? Hurricanes, giants spawning, fires, and many other things of that kind can't happen off-screen. I won't comment on the now sterile debate dlc-standalone, like many other people I finally got sick of it and prefer to wait and see Klei's decision.
  5. I think there's (almost) a consensus on the fact that dlc would be better than standalone. That's why we're asking them to try their maximum to make it happen. Because I think it's not too late to change the way they planned it, in regards to what the community wants. Is there somebody here who would rather have it as a standalone ? And why ? (real question)
  6. Oh come on don't overanalyze forum posts please, the use of "our" was quite impersonal here, meaning "many people including me", because I don't think I was the only one disappointed by it being a standalone, that's why I used "our". I hadn't the pretention to speak in the name of everybody. But now that the "crisis" is over, maybe everybody is going to say that they never doubted one second Klei's decisions and motivations. Anyway, it's over Johnny, I personally was disappointed (and still am) that it was a standalone because I thought (and still think) there were no viable reason to do so, my dissatisfaction I've been heard, Klei took notice of it, end of the crisis.
  7. Yes we should all trust and agree blindly with Klei's decisions without discussing it, and whip all kind of disappointment out of our mind for it is a sin to question their deeds. Nobody wanted to dismiss or boycott Shipwrecked, it was not mere flaming, but we tried to show our disappointment and tried to propose solutions, but I had the impression that we couldn't find an ear. And Shipwrecked is a complete different case from Together. I wasn't disappointed when DST was annonced as a standalone, but Shipwrecked yes, and I still am. Because in my opinion SW content could have (without those technical hardships) been part of the original gameplay, it would still have been coherent, unlike a multiplayer mode.
  8. Like Chris 1488 said, repairing the sunken boat could work as the new Teleporter Thing. Or even a special wormhole on a unique beach biome located on the main continent which would teleport you to the Shipwrecked "world", everything will be better than not being able to access it, for Wolly's sake. And about the water design issue, if Shipwrecked acts like a complete new world like the caves I don't really see a problem between the different seastyles. After all, we don't know how wide the world of Don't Starve is, so there could be different kind of seas like on Earth (dark huge waves in a Moby **** style around the old continent, placid and tropicals seas around Shipwrecked), Shiprekt's location could be far far away from the old classic continent (hence the use of a kind of teleporter, which would also help for the world generation caves-like).
  9. I think we would all agree to wait a bit more (even a lot more) or to pay more if there's the possibility to play Shipwrecked in the original game, as I said, it would be amazing. Hope indeed, but as it will probably stay a standalone, I will still feel disappointed and sad about it, not about its content but about the inability to play both at the same time. But if there's a slight chance to make it a dlc, please oh please do it. But do not trust hope, it has forsaken these lands.
  10. As I said in a previous post I also find that they choose the easy way at our expense, but flaming them would not help to find a compromise. However, if they decide to turn a deaf ear and completely ignore the complaints and above all the suggestions we made; and release it as if nothing happens with no consideration for our feedback, I would find it very disrespectful towards the community.
  11. What would be nice is that Klei lend a ear to the complaints, try to work it out with the community or at least try to make a compromise, and if it's really not possible to change it, explain why it can't be done otherwise. Do they still listen to feedback ?
  12. Let's make hunger strikes and immolations to make them bend the knee ! No, sadly, I highly doubt they will change anything or care about the complaints, like Cyde042 said big money is at stake and complaints weigh very little in the scale, but it would have been so amazing if they decided to integrate it. It's over XirmiX. It's over. *Rambo theme song*