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Don't Starve - Real Forum?


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I was thinking to myself today, how awesome it would be if we had a real don't starve forum.

I mean like "minecraftforum.net" etc.

I mean this is fine for the time being but an individual forum for it would be SICK! :D

I would certainly donate some cash towards the startup fee!

Discuss your thoughts on it :)

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Well, I don't think the idea of having a separate forum is to have a BETTER one.

I think it would just be to have it as "www.dontstarve.net" or whatever. That would probably help more people find it.

Not sure if it would be worth it, though.

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this is the real don't starve forum.

I feel like i'm sitting very comfortably in a real standalone forum right now :confused:

I don't think it's that big of a deal that i have to click on the subsections in a place where there is other forums. In fact i think it's pretty cool, and it makes me feel like i'm sorrounded by klein gamers when i'm here.

So yea agreed, no need for a standalone forum - this is a standalone forum in my opinion. :)

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