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  2. @Massah Research the winter hat. Whenever you equip it, it starts snowing.
  3. Edit : For all the people who want to try this out, there is a new hat that grants this effect. Research the Winter Hat and equip it. Woah, this just blew my mind! Great job Team Klei, always with the nice updates.
  4. Multiplayer isnt gonna be in the game because the whole game revolves around the "Stranded" part.
  5. We all love cooking. Although to be honest, I only consume 2 of the recepies. One being Honey and Ham and the other being DragonFruit Pie.
  6. Nice thinking with how the rot factor would stack up Syd. I didnt know that the cooked food was gonna be tweaked so that there are stacks.
  7. Yes, the manure idea is nice and maybe the stale food was pushing it too far.
  8. Suggestion to implement a new type of cooking system Firstly, before I start off, the suggestions I have would be more suitable if the following suggestion by our member Xizzzy were implemented. --- As we all know, the current state of Don't starve is quite challenging for newbies but its difficulty keeps decreasing as the days progress. It is true that the game is just in the early game stage of the free play mode. But there are some interesting suggestions that I've come up with to make even mid game a tad bit challenging. The game is focused around 2 key elements as of now and they are 1. Hunger 2. Health Besides the darkness, if one of the above components falls to 0, it results in the protagonist dying. 1. Hunger As of now, the hunger system does have some drawbacks due to how food can be interacted directly. As of now, eating any food will replenishing x amount of hunger points(and y health points) Consider having 2 Crock pots in the base camp. Also about 2 lvl 3 Spider nests, close enough that you can kill about ~5-6 of them a night. And 2 Bee hives. So, in theory if you do have the things, you can have an unlimited supply of Honey and Ham(2xCooked Meat + 2xHoney) which will restore ~80 Hunger points and ~20 Health points and eating ONE of them a day will let you live seamlessly and without having no real challenge since you can cook up to 2 Honey and Ham a day and it requires only 1 of them to survive a full day. This can lead to infinite stacking of the particular item used in the example. If you think spiders are too hard for you to kill, just having 2 Turbo farms will do the trick. Make sure you harvest a DragonFruit, use a birdcage and get unlimited seeds, get as many Dragon fruits as you can. Now, make a DragonFruit Pie(1xDragon Fruit + 3xRoasted berries) and just one of these can last you a full day. Due to this, people can just hoard food and keep on living without the challenge of it. But comparing it to reality, one can definitely not hoard food he/she cooks for a long time, in fact they got bad after sometime and eating that would be harmful to the body. So here's my suggestion Rot Factor : All food materials, cooked or raw must have a rot factor similar to how a torch or a miner's hat has when they are equipped in their respective slots BUT the catch being food will have a rot factor regardless of it being in the bag slots or the inventory or the chests or even on the crock pot itself. "Oh ok Mr. Nerd, so how will that help?" Now, whenever the food runs out of freshness points(idk what to call this), it turns into wet goop or something similar which is useless and does not refill any stat. "Uhhh... so what if I eat it when it has 1% freshness remaining? Your theory just got bypassed, fool!" Now, the way how hunger points and health points are restored do not only depend on the food we consume but how fresh the food is. So for example when we have a Honey and Ham with 55% freshness points intact, you restore only 0.55*(hunger restored by honey&ham). Same with the health. "Hmm, I'm still not convinced by this" Of course this has different rates at which the food rots, depending on the day of time, etc. And when seasons are implemented, it might work out even better. Now, moving along. 2. Health Honestly, when was the last time someone died by getting their health to 0 and did that by not getting attacked by a mob?(Well prolly when you ate monster meat or the Durain fruits, but why would you kill yourself that way?) Stale food : If any food is below a certain level of freshness, it would be considered as stale food and instead of adding to your hunger points, it removes your health points. Sleep Factor : Sleep is one factor many people ignore in the game. So why not have a factor that affects your health for a certain amount every day you spend without sleeping? Sure this can be overcome by eating some honey but the factor that affects the health must have something to do with the days lived without sleep. So in theory, if you started a new game and didn't sleep for the first 10 days, the amount of health you'd lose would be more than what you'd lose if you slept once in the 5th day. So sleeping resets the counter that depletes your health. Also doing work such as Mining can also lead to the decrease in the health factor since its more of a fatigue than a killer. --- So any thoughts or suggestions to my suggestions?
  9. This too. Its fine if they are our daily members, but most of them seem to be random people.
  10. Actually, there was some user suggestion on how to fix the food system to make it more balanced. I think it'll be better if the devs got a look at that.
  11. I hope it will be a good idea. Well since the game is growing at a good pace, I can't put my finger on it being a bad idea too. Quick response as always Toaster man!
  12. It is quite nice to see that there are people taking time to stream this awesome game that has caught our eye and rattled our brains for quite some time figuring out what how and where in the lil world that Klei created. Also streaming is a major reason there are more people who decide to try the game out for themselves and eventually endup liking it(Just like I did). So I do appreciate the effort people are keeping up to stream the game but the one suggestion I have is can we have a different subform/sticky for people who can post their stream links there rather than have them scattered in the General Discussions. That way, not old would it keep the Discussions clean but also give a better idea for other users where they can look up the stream link(s), etc.