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  1. I never mentioned punishing it, I just mentioned nerfing it. If you really want to punish it, here is my best idea: 1. Make them require much less manure to craft 2. Make them require manure to be applied every few harvests. 3. Make manure difficult to get and/or expensive. (If you want to keep your farms up, you gotta take some risks getting manure for them)
  2. That wouldn't punish you for farming, that would just add one more step to perma farming for all your food. I honestly think that the best way to nerf crops (provided nothing major happens in future patches, like idk winter) would be for the turbo farm to take a day and a quarter or so to grow crops. You couldn't just plant crops in morning, come back a dusk to harvest them.
  3. The games feels fairly unchanged to me. I haven't experienced krampus, though. Never hunted all that much. Also, when it comes to fire, GRASS>>>>>>>>>>>WOOD This is absurdly imbalanced. A single piece of rope will keep the fire going from dusk all the way to noon.
  4. I dropped a bird and had a similar result. I didn't even know this could happen xD.
  5. Regardless of whether or not it was his fault of not. This is still a bug. They put in the starve animation for a reason, and it didn't work here.
  6. Well there is also another way. If you lose your bird, and are playing in chrome you can hit the "back" button, but that's cheating. I wouldn't do that. But seriously, @Kevin. Let me give my birdie an my amulet! Or maybe let me shave it and use the feathers for a meat effigy! PLEASE I CAN'T LOSE ANOTHER ONE!
  7. Alright, you guys got me going xD But some one to edit it for me would make it 10x better. I'll PM Mobius. BTW I was researching how small birds sounded for the story, So I hatched one. Then I got on the "how to keep them alive" train of thought and decided to try making a tree wall. So I started cutting down a tree for pinecones. Then comes the first tree guardian I've seen and it instantly kills my birdie :'(
  8. The answer is simple! Pan flute. Just gather a ton of reeds so you can always have a pan flute when you need it, and then put your small bird to sleep whenever you need to go out adventuring (Or hounds are coming.) When you come back, you will find your birds charging cheerfully towards you, but will stay where you put them, until you come close enough.
  9. My current staples are Honey ham (2 monster meat, 2 honey) Stuffed Eggplant (1 eggplant and then some carrots and/or corn) DragonFruit pie (1 dragon fruit and some carrots and/or corn) Cooked berries (for the road.)
  10. Well, I don't think the idea of having a separate forum is to have a BETTER one. I think it would just be to have it as "" or whatever. That would probably help more people find it. Not sure if it would be worth it, though.
  11. I am currently writing a short story about Don't Starve (1st person, through Wilson's perspective), but I am lazy and can't bring myself to finish it. I am currently have two pages on a word document and I suspect it will be about 3 pages. So, I need your help to convince me to finish it! P.S. If there is someone who is good with english can edit it for me before I post it, I would really appreciate that.
  12. While this is true, you can keep your base lit with fireflies, there is no practical reason to. If you have a stone fireplace, you simply need to put a single rope (burns much longer than 3 grass) on the fireplace and it will last you all night (and into mid day too xD) However, if you just want your base to be lit by the buggers, the number you need will depend on the size of your base. I would just put as many as you can fit and or find.
  13. But it is a bug. I mean, the game has become famous because steam bugged and put it high on the list. People then accidentally bought it thinking it was decent. I mean this while forum was made solely to talk about how bad the game is. This is pretty much the Sonic 06. I don't think anybody likes it.
  14. Maybe there is some way to imprison it in trees, or chests or something.
  15. Yeah, I have found this too. Not sure I would call it a bug, because it could have been intended. Perhaps as a way to avoid krampus, but seeds really do seem to be dropping like mad.