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  1. I agree completely and i agree with the entire post since this has been the point throughout the post... Agree completely.
  2. I see that i actually attacked him kind of harsh, didn't really think about it and i had a big writing assignment lockdown which had just ended, so pretty tough day. Sorry for what i've said, and since this has gotten so much attention from the admins and also moderators; can you delete the posts? Anyhow i'm sorry for assaulting you Chesska.
  3. Wow just the word stupid gets everyones piss cooking? I picked the wrong post to give my opinion apperently. When your just defensive, don't turn anything against me please. Stupid wasn't planted on you but your assumption. I'm not born in england i'm a dane. So if my sentences are misplaced excuse me, but the stupid wasn't ever meant to be hostile, just a poor choice of words. God chill out man, your making me sad. We're good yea?
  4. Don't like your response very much, it seemed kind of hostile. But i don't think you can call your self "creative, and very exploratory gamer" if you don't fullfill this. And then you follow up with " but in the name of science I also like to research my enemies before taking them on. " Which is pretty stupid, it's sort of saying "i'm everything at once" while saying it kind of rude in my opinion.
  5. You could also go and report the videos for being inappropriate. I also don't think voting it down is going to do anything, if the link works the link works, and thus it will be used. Allthough i agree with the admins i also agree with dandy, you can't stop pirating but you can try.
  6. djekkocards is the guy. i think he streams at evenings eastern time... type He also talks actively to the chat.
  7. Really nice style on the first drawing. Thesecond one is only an outline? Keep up the art level.
  8. I suggest you watch livestream, he has 220~ days so far.
  9. Sweet insight, this will inspire me to not die even more (cause that's not obvious).
  10. Maybe this is what makes the stoneturtle differ from the treeguard, same as rhino men and pigmen's differences; Being more aggressive. Allthough I agree with Mobius, I don't think this HAS to mean another treeguard just with stone. It depends how you design the creature and how you implement it into the game.
  11. I suggest hunting it until the end of the island so that it runs into the wall when fleeing form you. That's what works for me.
  12. Actually i quite like that it's sped up, it doesnt bore you to watch cause you can easily keep up and there's no commentary so you would be bored quickly otherwise. Even with music i'm pretty sure. So if you can, i suggest you keep speeding things up. It does have some appeal in my opinion.
  13. I've had edges collapse so that there was holes in the ground. In the middle of the map! Pretty insane but very cool indeed. Also like your fish.
  14. This is very awesome, however maybe you could work a little on the fire on the present. Constructive critisism intended.
  15. I also think those lanterns need tweeks. I never use them, so i think this post is spot on.