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  1. Oh, here's a music to cheer you up, LadyD. So, what have you guys been playing these days?
  2. I too suffer with the lack of a Level Editor, but other than that the game is just wonderful for me. I also have to agree with ScienceMachine about solving the problems in the most creative way possible. Oh, and Wilson looks nice! You gave me some ideas to make his hair. I will probably try to do my own take on Wilson later.
  3. So, about Rabbits and that tactic, check this thread.
  4. Thank you! You can learn more about Scribblenauts by watching this video:
  5. Thanks you both! I will probably do Spider Queen Soon. So, new content! Pig King You can get it here using Steam Workshop. As detailed in the item's description, you can give him meat or any interesting object and he will reward you with gold! Fun facts about this creation: Enjoy and please comment!
  6. New content! Pigman You can get it here using Steam Workshop. As detailed in the item's description: It plays a "speaking" ballon when it gets close to humans. When you feed them meat they become friendly and protective (also courageous). Set them on fire to see them running crazy just like in Don't Starve! Drops meat (ham) and pigskin (skin) when it dies. Fun facts about this creation: I hope you guys like it! Oh, and please leave some feedback as I'm doing more Don't Starve related stuff.
  7. The Woolly Spider looks awesome and scary. Too bad spiders are Arachnids and have eight legs.
  8. Hey, no problem. Even the search engine doesn't come with good answers sometimes, so it's not a problem
  9. I want to give catnip to my cat so badly! Their reactions are just awesome.
  10. The only problem with Wilson is that I haven't figured out yet how to make his hair. Meanwhile I do simpler things