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  1. Early Christmas present! <3

    Strange.. 1%? Jesus.. after my second Krampus, i got my backpack I CAN BECOME A MILLIONAIRE! ))
  2. Where i find tall birds? :)

    Hmm.. i can't really see some Tallbirdnests... But i have you here a Image from my map (part of) and there are some Eggs on the map.. there are the Tallbirds. Just explore more! I can see there some black fog! )) hehe
  3. Haha i like this Danytard xD Always a pleasure to meet you haha
  4. Where i find tall birds? :)

    Hmm.. Worst case: In your world are no spawn points generated for Tallbirds Soo if you already have revealed your whole map.. there is no hope anymore.. or am i wrong? I'll keep pressing my thumbs for you
  5. Kevin.....can we trade?

    EEK! Why such a stinky pooping and grunting Beefalo xD I mean it's too big and if it gets out of control.. he will sprinkle all his poop over your whole camp! *hmpf haha xD*
  6. Where i find tall birds? :)

    There is no "where", the real question is "when"! ^^ I don't think we can answer your question. Because we don't have your world hehe But i think the tallbirds spawn on a rocky/stony part on the map (no grass or something). There are mostly many rocks around and sometimes you can find there a tallbird Good luck! Just explore your map, but always with SCIENCE! Sincerely Seerox
  7. Hounds and Spiders

    I had a fight beween me (lol) , a Treeguard, a tentacle and 3 little spideys.. The treeguard was the last survivor AFTER me.. then he went up in flames harrharr
  8. Flock of doom!

    I have already been revised with one little birdie haha
  9. Multiplayer Petition.

    I just want a coop.. one player more and the world is wonderful hihi
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Tallbirds walk over the sea + nest over the sea Steps to reproduce There are no steps..just exploring Describe your issue I just walked around and a angry tallbird goes in ragemode and runs over the open sea straight to me and attacks! Can they walkfly? I think not.. And his nest is on the sea too! I made a picture..i had to run Here is it: Hope it works Sincerely Seerox ps: like in other bug reports: the tallbird follows me nearly over the whole map :/
  11. Which Platforms?

    Well, i didn't say there are no good games, i said there will be always some trouble to play games. And thats a fact, mac and windows will be always the leaders. Linux and stuff is another story I also don't like windows especially mac but i dont have any problems to play my games how i want. So i do not need something else. But in the big world there are some people who think that linux() would be better etc. i don't know if that is really true. But if they use it, they have always to deal with these problems, especially at the beginning of a new product. And it wouldn't be a great idea if the software would be free. You can't "making a game" compare with "create a OS" it's much harder work and those people also need money. If you live on this planet, you should know one little sentence: Nothing in this world is for free. you always "pay" for someting You have 4 options: try it with chrome, wait until responce from Klei Entertainment, do nothing or just changer your OS. Thats alot I press you my thumbs!
  12. Which Platforms?

    Hmm but what is you're goal to use Linux/GNU? I mean.. if you want to play games, you should take Mac/Windows (better Windows) Otherwise you will always have those problems :C You could also buy that game on Chrome, i mean it's just 11$ and for a great company But before you do that, try some other free games on Chrome. Just to be a little bit sure, that it could work I searched trough the internez, but i couldn'd find the confirmation that we are looking for.. You sir, are one of the first humans, who can test this awesome game on linux! gogo! haha Or just wait for Kevin or someone from the developer, they can tell you what works and what not ^^
  13. Carrot regrowth rate?

    If it's necessary, you can also hunte the rabbits with your "weapons" Every rabbit has it's own hole. So just find out, which rabbit belongs to which hole. After that, wait until the rabbit is a little bit away from its hole. Then attack from the hole to the rabbit, the rabbit will run into you = profit! You will never run out of morsel Have fun, but if you have enough morsel, hunt with traps..the other way is like a cheat Best wishes, Seerox
  14. Which Platforms?

    Chrome is a web browser and Linux/GNU is a OS, so keep these two things apart. ^^ And Steam says: OS:Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 So if you could install Chrome then DO IT! ^^ I dont know another way hehe. And one does not simply have "Linux" XD I hope you can play Soon But i dont know if Don't Starve supports Linux.. its at alpha..
  15. -The first dead was from a treeguy that chopped me in half... -The next was at day 16.. i ran with a treeguy around the fire at night (no weapon) ...then.. few sec before sunrise..the fire went out.. -And another dead was from my reallife doggy... he interrupted me during gaming and i forgot to press "Esc"... i died in the dark..alone.. -The last was at day 107 .. i killed myself because i want to try my new unlocked characters And now i play with Wendy yay! Still alive..still alive!