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  1. So I loaded my previous save, curious to check out the new update and I noticed that my sanity, which was previously full, is now at 50%. Not only that, it doesn't go up in daylight anymore, nor eating food seems to replenish it.Also, honey hardly replenish health and everything does massive damage, to the point that harvesting said honey with a beekeeper hat and getting stung once by a couple of bees requires me to eat all the harvested honey just to return to full health.Is this a bug because I'm using a save previous to this last update? What other issues should I be expecting?
  2. So, this I'm fairly sure it's a bug: Tooth Traps don't work.I've never built them before so maybe I'm missing something, but it went like this... I had my Tooth Trap set up and I was getting chased by Hounds, so I run close to the trap, the hound runs over it and nothing happens. Tried again, nothing. Tried multiple times, nothing.Got eaten by hounds at my camp. Twice. I had a meat effigy.
  3. It does help, thanks.Meanwhile I found another bug: hats with durability, such as the football helmet and the beekeeper hat now have more durability then before, with the beekeeper hat going up to 185%. Has their durability been nerfed so that now my previous damaged hat as more hp then a normal one?
  4. Food spoilage?

    I like the idea! Definitely worth trying, the exact values can always be tweaked after the feedback of players.
  5. I'm an artist too!

  6. Stupid Moments

    Feeding my Mandrakes to my pet crow, thinking that it would give me seeds... All 3 of them, because you know, the first 2 times it didn't poop out any seeds I thought it was just bad luck..
  7. Wasn't there talk of making the swamp monster respawn?
  8. The tides have change

    Well, I still haven't seen anything that an experienced player can't deal with. The jumping spiders are a welcome addition to spider nests, since they make attacking one far more interesting and difficult. Farming nerf, also welcome. Finally, I really like the new map generator, it needs some adjustments but it makes navigating the world far less predictable and interesting.
  9. I just realized... Fire hounds drop butter. Firehounds also burn when they die. Shouldn't it melt? What's the correlation between hounds and butter? Is it made from hound milk?
  10. I proposed locusts swarms for intensive farming and the idea seems to have been picked up (or just mentioned by coincidence) by Kevin in another thread. I'm sure that when the beta is finished every resource is going to have some kind of danger inherent to overusing it.
  11. Easy Bird/Seed Farming OP?

    Getting seeds is a bit too easy in general, one of the reasons why farming is basically the only foodsource you're going to need in the current state of the game. I noticed that by just hanging around my camp I get something like 7-8 seeds a day just from birds landing near me and then flying away, of course this number goes up even more if I don't pick up said seeds. Birds spawning rate and/or seed dropping rate should be tweaked a bit, I think.
  12. Or just wait for the inevitable moment when you will hit a bee by mistake and all 200 bees will attack you at the same time!
  13. Pick-Axes & Mines

    About stone and flint, correct me if I'm wrong, but once you made your crock pot and your fireplace and you switched to gold tools there's basically no use for flint and rock, right? So it being finite doesn't sound like a problem to me, unless future updates don't introduce stuff that get used up and can only be made with rock and/or flint.
  14. Tactics agains Treeguard

    Call me a masochist but everything in this game that shows up out of nowhere and ruin my life (well... Wilson's life) actually makes it more fun to me. Like the first time I met the swamp monster. Panic, big scare, dead character, lots of fun.
  15. Speaking about crock pot, one of the recipes should involve butterfly wings. How can I get them? If I catch a butterfly I can then drop it and it turns into a flower and as far as I can tell you can't attack a butterfly while it flies around.
  16. Tactics agains Treeguard

    Make him go back to sleep in "tree mode" and burn stuff around him, eventually it will die (even if you don't see it burning) or it will take only a few swings to kill.
  17. Farmer vs. Hunter/Gatherer

    I say introduce swarms of hungry locusts to the game!
  18. Fireflies

    That's actually beautiful. I should get me some fireflies as well...
  19. Don't Starve - Real Forum?

    I like this forum, it's pretty refreshing after spending too much time on the Planetside 2 forums... I think I'll stay here.
  20. Krampus.

    @ Kevin. It's because it goes for the player's loot. And players HATE when their precious loot is stolen, damaged or otherwise messed with. It's something I learned in Dungeons and Dragons! I don't know if you're familiar with the game but there's this monster called Rust Monster. It's a low level monster, not really tough and in fact it's pretty easy to kill and does basically no damage, so it's not going to kill the characters. But he has this terribile ability to instantly destroy any armor, weapon or object made of metal. Which means that he can leave a warrior in his underpants at the end of the battle and let's not even mention the fact that gold is, well... a metal. So even money isn't safe. One time I threw one of these monsters in an encounter togheter with a couple of other, more traditionally threatening monsters while the players were trying to defend a village. What happened was they ONLY focused on the poor Rust Monster because they wanted to be extra-sure that their items wouldn't get destroyed by it, while the other monsters went around killing civilians. You can also notice this if you make a thief steal something from the players, they WILL go on a quest for revenge ignoring everything else. Basically, when a monster tries to kill you it's all fine and good, you expect it in a videogame, but when the monster goes for your loot then it instantly becomes griefing and this will make a lot of players angry. To go back to your statements about hellhouds, yes they are potentially more dangerous since when things get burned down they are gone and that's it. But you get a huge amount of time to prepare, so you can choose the battle ground and be sure that the flames form its death don't burn anything of value. Personally I don't really have a problem with the Krampus, I think he's a pretty neat addition to the game, at least now that I know that his "naughty meter" resets itself so if I'm careful I'm not going to get swarmed by them. But I do understand why some people may find him annoying. If anything I'd like to see more monsters that are triggered by specific behaviour from the player, maybe something tied to vegetable consumption, because it's true that at the moment farming is the more reliable and safe way to get food and this does detract a bit from the survival part of the game. Maybe a mob that destroys your farm? Like a swarm of locusts or something similar? Just throwing ideas around...
  21. Wait... I thought that the tent was only used to change character...? How can I sleep in it?
  22. I'm all for giving the player a reason to use the bedroll, as long as it's not single use item anymore and instead it gets a durability meter like other tools. To be honest, there's not much danger at night once you have a campfire up. Sure, sometimes spiders might come by if you live near one of their dens, or maybe hounds might attack, but usually nightime is just the time to sort things in your inventory, cook some food and maybe do some farming. So having a reason to sleep might as well be put into the game.
  23. Naughty & Nice so far!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the "Naughy meter" only goes up, right? So inevitably Sooner or later a Krampus will spawn? If that's the case I'm not sure I like it. As others have said, this does promote a single optimized way of playing, meaning being a strict vegetarian and turtling in your camp. I feel this isn't very appropriate to the feel of the game, since it's supposed to be about survival in any way possible and growing your own veggies is in no way less reliable or rewarding then going hunting. So why is the hardest (and already obsolete after a while into the game) option punished in such a way? What I think could work better is a "naughty meter" that resets itself if the player doesn't kill innocent animals for a while. This way it becomes more of a deterrent against only using bunnies, pigs and birds as a foodsource and a deterrent against going for big killing sprees, while at the same time promoting a varied approach to how food is acquired. Now if only we had some kind of enemy that punishes you for slaughtering veggies... New to the forums, btw. So hello everyone.