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  1. aaand this is the problem we run into with making the game even harder than it currently is.
  2. haha thats funny. but i mean give them a break they have been working none stop. not to mention all the feedback on the forums is outstanding.
  3. yeah willow is awesome, ive been able to tab out at night and browse the forums without her dying to the grue
  4. there is coconut trees in minecraft?
  5. yeah i was thinking that. maybe they would fit in the rock biome
  6. agreed. let them take their time and enjoy producing an awesome game instead of rushing a mediocre one.
  7. i was thinking about this while i was looking at coconuts at work today. how would the idea of coconut trees sound? it would be an extra food source. you could use the shells to form some sort of head gear for protection, kind of like the log suit. then once you have harvested all of the coconuts you could chop the tree down for some extra wood. i think this idea might be a little OP so to compensate for this you need a golden axe to harvest them. i mean its a very hard item after all. Discuss.
  8. you can already make a sleeping bag which is a one time use item that skips the night.