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  1. I have to agree with Perpetual Sin, the worst problem is winter clothing - if you havent found beefaloes before winter you are going to have problems, it becomes impossible to improve your situation and its so boring, makes me do stupid things to liven things up!
  2. Trapping birds works fairly well for winter if you have spare seeds. I am finding it hard to get prepared for winter, if I manage to find beefaloes then I can make a winter hat, but the jacket seems impossible I've not managed to catch a glimpse of the beastie.I obviously need new tactics -any suggestions for surviving winter welcome
  3. sounds right! some islands can only be reached by wormholes apparently , so missing resources could be the other side, or not?
  4. The thingies make a telepotato to the next level (world) give them to the wooden hexagon when you find it!It said all the pieces have their own environment, I've seen the ring of flowers and the square - the crank was their when I woke - didnt notice any thing around it. They moved the bits further apart so its not so easy!My pigs had a great set up, 2 carrot squares 2 berry squares, 1 flower square, plus lots of single bushes, oh and about 7 pig houses
  5. They are easy to shave at night so that will be handy way to keep warm, I know winters gonna get me, its only been a day or two and my reserves are gone, I will be trying this!
  6. Any Toadwater players here? I just knew outhouses would get a mention once someone brought up the poo topicIts an odd game and its still going, hmmmmm might have to try it out again!
  7. Thanks for the info, not that I need more birds but its my favorite hat just for the look
  8. 4 symbols - 4 colors if the lines were all the same length it would make more sense or maybe \ is end of line? and theres only 3 colors
  9. I use to pick up anything that has gone out of view, sounds like I will have to try out fighting with it!
  10. what good is the feather hat? I know it looks great but it doesnt help you survive, you'd be better off using a football helmet
  11. I attacked the hive that did this in my world, killed all the killer bees that came out, after this bees behaved normally
  12. Mine keep waking up in the night when I steal their eggs, I thought they were supposed to stay asleep?
  13. One thing we do need is a video's section for the amount of LP's that are being posted