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  1. So, this I'm fairly sure it's a bug: Tooth Traps don't work.I've never built them before so maybe I'm missing something, but it went like this... I had my Tooth Trap set up and I was getting chased by Hounds, so I run close to the trap, the hound runs over it and nothing happens. Tried again, nothing. Tried multiple times, nothing.Got eaten by hounds at my camp. Twice. I had a meat effigy.
  2. It does help, thanks.Meanwhile I found another bug: hats with durability, such as the football helmet and the beekeeper hat now have more durability then before, with the beekeeper hat going up to 185%. Has their durability been nerfed so that now my previous damaged hat as more hp then a normal one?
  3. So I loaded my previous save, curious to check out the new update and I noticed that my sanity, which was previously full, is now at 50%. Not only that, it doesn't go up in daylight anymore, nor eating food seems to replenish it.Also, honey hardly replenish health and everything does massive damage, to the point that harvesting said honey with a beekeeper hat and getting stung once by a couple of bees requires me to eat all the harvested honey just to return to full health.Is this a bug because I'm using a save previous to this last update? What other issues should I be expecting?
  4. I like the idea! Definitely worth trying, the exact values can always be tweaked after the feedback of players.
  5. Feeding my Mandrakes to my pet crow, thinking that it would give me seeds... All 3 of them, because you know, the first 2 times it didn't poop out any seeds I thought it was just bad luck..
  6. Well, I still haven't seen anything that an experienced player can't deal with. The jumping spiders are a welcome addition to spider nests, since they make attacking one far more interesting and difficult. Farming nerf, also welcome. Finally, I really like the new map generator, it needs some adjustments but it makes navigating the world far less predictable and interesting.
  7. I just realized... Fire hounds drop butter. Firehounds also burn when they die. Shouldn't it melt? What's the correlation between hounds and butter? Is it made from hound milk?
  8. I proposed locusts swarms for intensive farming and the idea seems to have been picked up (or just mentioned by coincidence) by Kevin in another thread. I'm sure that when the beta is finished every resource is going to have some kind of danger inherent to overusing it.
  9. Getting seeds is a bit too easy in general, one of the reasons why farming is basically the only foodsource you're going to need in the current state of the game. I noticed that by just hanging around my camp I get something like 7-8 seeds a day just from birds landing near me and then flying away, of course this number goes up even more if I don't pick up said seeds. Birds spawning rate and/or seed dropping rate should be tweaked a bit, I think.
  10. Or just wait for the inevitable moment when you will hit a bee by mistake and all 200 bees will attack you at the same time!
  11. About stone and flint, correct me if I'm wrong, but once you made your crock pot and your fireplace and you switched to gold tools there's basically no use for flint and rock, right? So it being finite doesn't sound like a problem to me, unless future updates don't introduce stuff that get used up and can only be made with rock and/or flint.
  12. Call me a masochist but everything in this game that shows up out of nowhere and ruin my life (well... Wilson's life) actually makes it more fun to me. Like the first time I met the swamp monster. Panic, big scare, dead character, lots of fun.
  13. Speaking about crock pot, one of the recipes should involve butterfly wings. How can I get them? If I catch a butterfly I can then drop it and it turns into a flower and as far as I can tell you can't attack a butterfly while it flies around.