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  1. Do to internet connection failiur i need to postpone the streaming because its not going to be smoth ... am working on it but its gona take a while sorry and cya next time
  2. i mean its just a anouncement ut if it makes problems then i can change it ...
  3. By tomorow night I am going to make a livestream of the fantastick game Don`t starve and I am going to try to find and make everithing that the game has to offer because I am going to pull an all nighter, so basecly 12 hours str8 and maybe some more games, and if some one would like to acompany me to play some other games on the live stream your more then welcome to join ... I am going to post the link to the live stream tomorow at a few hours before I start the live stream so hope to see you guis there
  4. THE FLIPPIN WORRIOR SPIDERS GEZAAAAAAAAAAZ DEVS WHY WHY WHY ARE YOU TORTURING ME SO ... at least make it so when they jump they can`t change in mid air theyr trajectories if they jump str8 then let them land str8 ok ? thank you
  5. i kinda like the idea but its a bit ... hmm ... i dunno something seems off i can`t quite put my finger on it yet lol
  6. day 1 hounds are always the best hahahahaha oh and a omny pine lol
  7. i purposly anguerd him and 2 of them poped out and got instantly raped by a tantacle ... so i think hes just a little ***** lol
  8. the song is awesome but for christmas i thing the theam of the game should be more a bit like the nightmare before christmas OOOHHHH THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOOOOOOOOOME lol
  9. how does winter affect the rest of the mobs ?
  10. in my opinion the game needs to be harder bcuz its just still a bit too easy now
  11. OMG PEPEL`S for christ sake can`t you all simplify the text ? i mean its awesome that you can expres yourselvs in such a ritch manner but my attention spam is ver limited like almoust the rest of the world and when it comes to reading is even worse lol
  12. thecnicaly you would have to copy the save files to the pc so that you could play the same map