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Will clones be in the final game?

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I personally don't think its an immersion killer, I don't really care if there's more then one of the same person running around because Ive been able to explain it all...kinda. At least to myself. I personally wouldn't mind this happening later on, it seems like it could be fun in some situations.

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Can we have an option to enable and disable this if clones will be allowed? Cause I really don't want to see that in my own worlds.

I was going to suggest this, but I think I did enough polling and option calling early Don't Starve Together forum days. Nope I've moved on friends. I'm hanging out in the Invisible Inc forums now.

See ya!

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How I'm seeing it right now.

If they're all coming from different doors...




But it shouldn't be that big of a worry.

Honestly if they're thinking of servers hosting "up to 64 people" all at once, consider it alternate dimensions.

Maybe all of the doors they make are interconnected and thus if you make one you're being taken to another dimension that was opened up with another door.


Who knows though. If you set up a big server and say "No Clones" you're not going to get very many people.

It would most likely be best to set up a private server and just talk to the friends you're inviting who everyone will want to be without having duplicates.


Just my two cents.

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I don't mind the idea of duplicated/cloned characters... I'd prefer the benefit that comes from each of us being different, but I actually think it'd be pretty funny to be in a world where all of us were one character! I can already imagine 10 Wes' running around miming.


I could swear I remember either Seth or Joe mentioning pretty early on that they wouldn't be restricting characters as it would limit new players from being able to join public games. I can't find the quote, but I swear it's in the threads here somewhere, I want to say it was confirmed right around the time of the first prototype footage. I think there may have also been mention that whoever hosts could toggle character selection (so clones would or wouldn't be allowed, for example)... but I might be mixing that up with other world setting options.

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Indeed. Not only that, but the more people that joined, the less likely they'd get the character they want.

Well, have it your way. I'm glad with 12 and I am fine with 9 - 11 while one's sitting behind the throne or something. I just don't like clones because I'm a very story based person towards this game.

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