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"Where There's a Wilson..." Patch Notes - April 30, 2014


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  • Developer
Hello all! Here's the final set of patch notes before we release in a couple hours. As you can see it's almost entirely tweaks and bug fixes. Thank you for all your help developing Reign of Giants!
We will be releasing at least one more patch that will include mod support and, most likely, more bug fixes.
We do have a video that will be coming at around 10AM PST.
Build # 100795:
  • Added some new skeletons with RoG items.
  • Added a "random" season start option.
  • Added a sheltered-by-tree rain sound to further indicate when you're being protected by a tree in the rain.
  • Added an option to disable Wigfrid's special font.
  • Added Twitch streaming directly into the client.
  • Added an option to disable screen shake.
  • Added a difficulty warning for Reign of Giants if the player profile has under 32 days played.
  • A skeleton will now spawn at your death location if you are resurrected.
  • Each season can now be tweaked individually via the customization screen.
  • Presets other than the default now have the new RoG content.
  • Summer's DSP is now less aggressive.
  • Pan flute now has a chance to spawn in the Glommer Statue set piece.
  • All evergreens (not just fully grown ones) now give shelter.
  • Put in a small delay before standing under a tree gives its shelter bonus.
  • Tree shelter can actually cool you slightly during Summer.
  • Tweaked the damage done by lightning to the player.
  • Plants will rejuvenate slightly earlier in Autumn.
  • Webber's beard gives half insulation.
  • Webber can no longer eat "horrible" food items.
  • Webber no longer loses sanity from Spider Queens.
  • Having a beard will now decrease summer insulation values.
  • Increased the range of temperatures that the hot and cold idle animations play in.
  • The catcoon den will now play the dead animation if no more catcoons will spawn (transition only happens when it's off-screen).
  • Tweaked catcoon follower behaviours.
  • Made catcoon a worse hunter.
  • Buzzards are now harder to kill before they fly away.
  • Deciduous monsters will now spawn a wave of Birch Nutters if they are ignited.
  • Deciduous monsters are now less likely to spawn (spawn chance increases with number of days lived).
  • Deciduous Monsters can no longer spawn from barren trees.
  • Birds in bird cages no longer starve to death.
  • Snow Chester is now a less efficient fridge.
  • Ice Hounds now spawn in hound waves during Spring.
  • Bearger will now attack beehives.
  • Increased moggle duration. Moggles can now be refueled with glow berries.
  • Glow berries are now stackable.
  • Reduced the number of steps before & after ringing the old bell.
  • Using a tent or siesta hut will now change your moisture and temperature accordingly.
  • Hambat damage now decreases as it becomes more rotten.
  • Tuned the Cat Cap. It's now basically a more dapper but less insulating winter hat.
  • Cactus Flowers can now only be harvested during summer.
  • Swapped craftable tiers - Floral Shirt is now better than the Summer Frest.
  • Using the old bell in the caves now starts an earthquake.
  • Heat rocks are now less effective when on the ground but more effective when carried.
  • Adjusted heat rock heating/ cooling values.
  • The tornado from the Weather Pain now moves slower after it has reached it's target.
  • Watermelon now cools you when eaten.
  • Watermelon now has different stats after getting cooked.
  • Pigs and Gobblers will eat raw Birchnuts again.
  • Hammering a Pig or Merm Head during a full moon will now also yield nightmare fuel.
  • Glommer Flower (only after dead) and Glommer Wings are now fuel and burnable.
  • Moisture now has a greater effect on sanity.
  • Charcoal will now drop from burnt structures.
  • Full sized deciduous trees give an additional nut if cut down during autumn.
  • Each giant now has a unique warning sound.
  • Tree shade now cools you slightly if you are overheating.
  • Made a pass over adventure mode content to remove issues introduced by RoG content.
  • Followers now stop following on death.
  • The old bell will now wake up sleeping creatures.
Bug Fixes:
  • Setting rain to "none" will also turn off rain in the caves.
  • Made some changes to prevent cave rain from happening during unintended times.
  • Glaciers can no longer spawn on top of other entities when spawned near penguin rookeries.
  • Deciduous saplings will start growing again if they are lit on fire and extinguished.
  • Slurtles will drop shell pieces again.
  • Fixed deciduous monster sometimes not reverting back when intended.
  • Fixed deciduous monster sometimes reverting back to an incorrect state.
  • Catcoons can no longer remove world entities.
  • Moles can no longer clone themselves.
  • Moles no longer behave strangely when lit on fire (this also fixes their their sounds not stopping).
  • Volt Goats now repopulate properly.
  • Chester's insomnia has been cured.
  • Varg insomnia has been cured.
  • Lureplants can no longer be stolen from.
  • Pigs no longer transform into were pigs if a long update happens that skips over a full moon.
  • Pigs spawned during a full moon (i.e. from their house being broken down) will now change into were pigs.
  • The Bearger no longer collects bees and butterflies as he moves through the world.
  • You can no longer combine a bee with a bee that is in the world.
  • Fix some issues with fireflies getting into a bad state when they get picked up (after making this fix, could not reproduce fireflies having reversed light-up behaviors and fireflies getting wet when inside containers).
  • Fixed rabbits being able to get picked as targets for wildfires while they are in their holes (i.e. fixed smoldering rabbit holes).
  • Moggles unequip no longer triggers dusk events (talking, music).
  • Glommer Flower is now "non-potatoable".
  • Boomerang will now hit you in the face again.
  • Added physics to items that were missing it.
  • Ice Flingomatic will now properly shut off when out of fuel. 
  • You can no longer target untargetable enemies with the Weather Pain.
  • Meat Effigies will properly update health amount on destruction.
  • Using the Luxury Fan to cool off now removes the blood over effect too.
  • The star from the starcaller's staff now stops emitting sound once it has expired.
  • Fixed the crash that happened when the Eyebrella Hat perished.
  • Full moon lighting/ colour cubes are no longer used in the caves.
  • You can now put out fires that start on farmplots.
  • Plants should no longer get into a state where they can regrow instantly.
  • Deciduous saplings can no longer be eaten by creatures.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing RoG saves to get messed up after looking at a non-RoG save slot.
  • Tumbleweeds can no longer walk on water.
  • Item Wetness is now saved properly.
  • Wetness borders will not show up when held on the mouse.
  • Base Hassler now triggers warning strings.
  • Glommer Flower is now pickable if you save and reload during full moon.
  • Fixed a crash in overseer.lua.
  • Fixed a crash that happened if you left the mods screen before the top mods list was populated.
  • Changed how modified day segments are calculated - this fixes the issue of total night after emerging from the ruins.
  • Turning off wildfires now turns off wildfires.
  • Fixed up surface to cave synchronizations.
  • Fixed a crash in pighouse.lua that happened when entering caves.
  • Fixed Webber not being able to use straw and furry rolls when spiders were nearby.
  • Grass will play its grow animation again.


Hotfix # 100880:


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix crash in hambat.lua affecting base Don't Starve games (i.e. not RoG)
  • Made a change to the options menu that should fix the crashes experienced there.
  • Fix crash when dropping beemine.
  • Ice Cube will now make inventory items wet.
  • Pigs will transform to Werepigs from eating monster meat as well.
  • Some fixes related to Twitch streaming.
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