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  1. @theshankingturtle.... That's the way it should be. What I meant was it would be minimap>minimap> then the folder contents. Your good. Is it working?
  2. unzip the file you download, then place the new unzipped file into the "mods" section of the game files. Once your in game, click Mods, find the one you want then activate it. Make sure when you unzip the file, there isn't a folder inside the folder (WinRAR does that to me, the mod will show up in game but not work.)
  3. @anonymousxz... make sure your game is up to date. That's usually the cause. Also this mod (I think) needs the game to restart once you enable it, depending on which version you use.
  4. Check your version of the game by pressing backspace at the main menu. Lower left will show the version... Should be 110570, if it's not, update the game. If that doesn't fix it (it should) let us know here.
  5. Can you give some more details to go by? I'd like to try and help you if I can.
  6. I'm not sure what the problem your having is. This mod just adds more inventory spaces to the bottom for the most part. Can you post a screenshot by any chance?
  7. I know a little while back someone else had problems updating their game they got from humble bundle but I don't know if he ever gotten it fixed. I'm also not sure how humble bundle works. Can you re-download the game from them and it be the latest version? If you can't maybe do like Diabu said and remove the suggested file?
  8. Where did you get the game from? It might be easier to just Uninstall then re-download and install
  9. What version of the game are you on? What program did you use to unzip the file?
  10. Same here. 2 meals at the same time. Usually put 1 in the icebox and eat the other.
  11. Very useful mod! Thanks for the upload. Sure beats having a pre-built one to check.
  12. I recently discover a problem with this mod that I hoping can get fixed. I hope I'm not the only one experiencing it too. The game on my laptop is usually running pretty slow (20 minute days compared to the normal 8). Every now and then when I come out of a pause, it runs like I'm on a high end computer and when it does this, I notice the minimap is gone from the screen. So when it happened yesterday, I just played it like that for awhile, I paused the game and when I came back, minimap is back along with the lag. So I saved and quit, disabled minimap then went back to play and the lag was gone! I played a few hours with only a slow down next to my base. I love this mod and hope whatever is causing the lag can be fixed. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. The mod a actully reverts the traps back to how they used to work. Very good mod too btw! But, I understand your reason for wanting to play the way you do.