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  1. Teşekkürler ama ilk bölüm için çok kısa olmuş. Thank you but it's really short for a beginning video of a let's play series.
  2. When you install from the humble bundle store, it auto-updates to the latest version. I think this way is better so pirates can't get updates.
  3. I want the round islands map, birng it back NOW!!!one!one http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130120054537/dont-starve-game/images/3/34/An_overworld_Map_showing_no_Tallbird_Nests_having_spawned_in_the_world.png
  4. So you know how the multiplayer will work. I'll be glad if you tell more.
  5. Read entire thread before judge. This is not about private servers.