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  1. @KuzashiX I don't really plan on supporting this mod anymore, if anyone wants to pick this project up and continue with it, they're more than welcome to do so.
  2. I just looked here and saw that people want to have this mod updated and because it was quite popular. My schedule is tight but I think I can figure something out, now that I have a working SW DLC EDIT: Updated successfully for SW DLC
  3. My mod finally reached 5000+ downloads I was waiting for a while ago Thank you guys so much for all the support If there's anything my mod is lacking, you want some QoL changes and stuff, just add a comment here and it'll probably find it's way into the mod
  4. Yeah, the gems are still balanced in vanilla worlds, but OP in RoG... Gotta do more rebalancing, thank you for your input =P
  5. Hi farell, I'm glad that you are enjoying my mod so much You can use the Science Machine to tell which items do have a blueprint and what items don't (more info in the mod description). Blueprintable items can always be exchanged via Exchanging Chest or direct crafting. Other items that already have a blueprint in the game (refined items, things like boards, ropes, electrical doodad, nightmare fuel, etc.) can also be exchanged. Items that can't be exchanged: - Foods (seeds are the exception) - most craftable items (except refined items, walls, turfs, healing items and gunpowder) - unique items You can also try putting an item in the Exchanging Chests target slot, (I've added a slot-filter function in v2.9.2) it will refuse to accept any item that can't be exchanged. I'm currently in the process of adding EMC values to the rest of the SW DLC items and balancing the values of existing ones - there will be an update soon...
  6. The mod is now officially compatible with SW DLC - giant 'thank you' to @wooby6 for helping me out The EMC values for SW items will be added in the next update.
  7. Hi there, I've recently watched some of your videos and I really liked them I've been away from Don't Starve for quite a while and I've learned a lot about modding and other Lua related stuff. After watching your videos, I saw what mechanics could be improved and/or changed, and I'm coming back with a mod update (see the changelog), so grab the new version and keep that good work up Also, as requested, I have couple of tips for you : Alchemical Engine can be used as early game Alchemical chest - see 'Changed Alchemical Engine' in mod description Science Machine can tell you some very useful informations - see 'Changed Science Machine' in mod description You can use 'Dark Nuggets' (not Dark Matter) to upgrade the Exchanging Chest - see 'Upgrading Chests' in mod description Dark Nuggets can be used to repair Dark Matter tools - just wait until ~25% durability before doing so Dark Matter tools have 20x durability of golden items, while being slightly faster. Red Matter tools are 2x faster and have infinite durability. Use the 'Alchemical Researcher' to unlock quick recipes for items - see 'Alchemical Researcher' in mod description Knowledge Fragments are a (very) rare drop and can be used to obtain random EE blueprints - see 'Knowledge Fragments' in mod description Use Philosopher's Stone as your main EMC storage device - it's really useful for quick access to Gold and thus for quick recipes for items Seeds are the only food-related item that can be exchanged - refer to the Science Machine if you want to know if the item is exchangeable or not. Make your base relatively close to Savanna (Beefalo, Rabbits) / Spider Nests / Pig Houses, as (Monster) Meat is a very good EMC energy source.
  8. I don't own a Shipwrecker DLC (I have bought the game on Humble Bundle), so I can't test my mod if it's working or not. Without testing I can't do anything about the crashes, sorry :-/ I'll try to get the Shipwrecker DLC somehow...