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  1. I experienced similar issue and I was playing as Wilson. I first thought it was the spider infested rocky biome with lots of gold nuggets lying on the ground, but there were no spider nests anywhere.
  2. It's not normal. Koalephants (normal and winter versions) are supposed to run away from you if you get too close. You need to trap them in a corner, wait until they are asleep or use a ranged weapon if you want to fight them in melee.
  3. I searched for ''koalephant'' and found nothing (surprisingly) so here it is: I started a new SW world, then traveled to a RoG world with the Seaworthy. Whenever I hunt for a Koalephant and go near him, instead of running away, he just stops and do his ''on alert'' animation, just like the beefalos. He then stay immobile for ever and ever, see picture below. Winter duration was set to long when the RoG world was generated through the Seaworthy. This bug also occured when I started a new game directly in the RoG world with all settings to default. As this bug never occured to me before SW, I thought that's where I should post the bug report. Cheers!
  4. I might have forgot to mention that I am a grand grand cousin of @SethR ! Ask him if you don't believe me ! In all seriousness, thank you for the update, looking forward to the moment I can play/stream DST ! Might it be in days, weeks, months or years, I shall not starve alone anymore ! =)
  5. You can kill every giant in melee if you want. I posted some vids of Wes killing dragonfly and deerclops (and other giants) in melee if you want to take a look: Dragonfly: Deerclops: Granted, these were not the best fights I've had with the giants, but that should still give you an example of how you can deal with them! The only thing you need is some preparation. However, I strongly suggest you stockpile on blowdarts during winter so you can easily dispose of the Dragonfly in summer. However, this is not possible if you start your game in spring (as was the case in my Wes playthrough). Also, other giants can walk on tooth traps, so you can also use that to your advantage! Hope that helps!
  6. I've had a world where I didn't have any deerclops encounter in 450 days (had other giants), but in another game I've had one at the end of my first winter... It's random, don't give up hope !
  7. @SethR @Wade Thanks a lot for all that good work! =) I think everyone from the forums should gather some money to send you the biggest fruit basket ever seen to make sure you ''Don't Starve'' while working on the next patche(s) and/or DLC(s)! =D
  8. Yep, as I said, I agree with this. Let me quote myself (from the same post you actually quoted): My point was rather that although there are a lot of players who think that way (including myself), not every single player on this planet does, and some would probably prefer playing this game more casually with it being less unforgiving. From there came the argument about giving an option to turn ''permadeath'' off, or at least try to find a decent but still challenging alternative to it. Edit: Multiquote failed me. Edited 10 times for grammar. Not my day!
  9. I agree with everything you said, and that is why I will only play with ''permadeath'', for what it means. I also strongly believe DS should be as unforgiving as it can. I even think touch stones should be removed (or have an option to remove them) and only reward players who invest time and ressources to craft the meat effigy. However, I am trying to find solutions for those casual players who will die more often than experienced players, who will quickly use up all their touchstones, etc. I guess you could argue that they will learn the game the hard way, as we all did, and you would probably be right. I think Don't Starve is intimidating for a lot of people and dying is easy when you don't know what you're doing. I definitely don't want it to become a minecraft copy where you can revive infinitely without any consequences. I'm guessing that there will be a bunch of players who will play for the first time in multiplayer. They will probably find it very unconveniant if one of them gets the brilliant idea to attack a beehive on day 6 and they all have to restart a new game because of that. Anyway, I guess this is a really mitigated aspect of DST.
  10. It's not really about thinking mechanics just for the sake of it, it's about giving people choices. It's also about helping Klei enlarge their player base, enlarge the community, etc. Not every player is a hardcore player, and DST will definitely attract more casual players. There is nothing wrong with giving people choice of playing hardcore (permadeath) or softcore. Everyone will find what they like and be happy about it. Sincerely, I don't care how Mr. or Mrs. X from Country Y decides to play with his/her friends, as long as I am given the chance to play as I want to. There are good and bad ways of accomodating casual players, and the discussion is about finding some good one. If you do not agree with the suggestions, it's all right. You could also try to be constructive and propose some alternatives so that we can work together to find the best solution. That is, if you have any interest at all in doing so =) Cheers!
  11. haha yeah sorry for my quoting faster than light =) I'm sure there is something interesting to do with that skeleton/revival idea people are talking about, without making it too easy. The idea with the ''skeletons can't revive other players'' was to give a chance to players who make small mistakes and end up paying with their life without penalizing other players, but by still keeping a pressure on the remaining players (if they all die, it's over). If a player that was already a skeleton dies and could still be revived by a living player (non-skeleton), it would make it ''non-permadeath'', but since game can be over if there is no living player left, it kind of a compromise between permadeath and non-permadeath. You could be revived many times, but game could also be over if everyone died at least once. I like your idea of a ''timeframe'', it could promote group exploring and group adventure and punish players who prefer going out on their own. Strategically speaking, it's more efficient if everyone splits up to gather ressources, but it's also more risky since if you die, there is very little chance for someone to get to you fast enough to revive you. It will be Don't Starve ''Together'', and that would be a good way to promote that! =) As you said, it's still sketchy, but I'm sure there is something interesting to do here. Edit: As I mentionned earlier, as much as I would rather play DST with permadeath, I think we need to consider that Klei, by giving us multiplayer, probably aims at expanding their player base. If they make DST too restrictive and severe (permadeath all the time for everyone), then they might end up losing a lot of new players who will quicly get bored of restarting a new world as soon as one of their friend dies. I think DST is a good opportunity to please both hardcore players and casual players.
  12. Depends! It could just be a ''I want permadeath, but I think it would be fair to have an option to turn it off for those who want to play causally''. We need to be careful when interpreting the results xD Btw, any thoughts on the suggestion I made a couple of posts up? =)
  13. Well, when I look at the vote results, I see that more than 50% of the players who voted either want ''no permadeath'' or at least an option to turn permadeath off. The majority of players who voted do not want permadeath only in DST.
  14. Although I would prefer permadeath, I'm trying to figure out an original and entertaining way of accomodating casual players. I'm suggesting a mix of ideas that were previously given, with my personnal addition: Maybe this would be a nice opportunity to implement a ''skeleton character'' ? Once you die, you could be resurrected by another player (with life giving amulet?) but you will respawn at your skeleton and be that skeleton (the skeleton on the ground would thus disppear). Skeletons should have weaker stats, off course, and should be restricted from any further revival (can't activate touchstones, can't build effigies, can't wear life giving amulets, etc.). They also would not be able to revive other characters who died (a skeleton thus can't make another player a skeleton). If your skeleton gets destroyed before you were revived, you can't be revived anymore. Finally, if the last non-skeleton player dies, it's game over for everyone. That would need some thinking and balancing, perhaps the skeletons could be revived by other players with life giving amulets and get worst stats everytime, like it was suggested previously? Since we mostly don't want to see multiplayer exclusive things, this skeleton character could be unlockable either with EXP or when reviving someone for the first time in multiplayer ? He could be played in single player games (with lower stats, off course, perhaps he should not be able to use revival items as a perk? he's already been revived afterall!). He could also be used in multiplayer games for additional challenge (and a most pronounced permadeath/hardcore mode). Thoughts?
  15. Did the dragonfly burn them all ? I would think that is what happened, or perhaps they were all clumped up together when a wild fire appeared ? Did you go anywhere near the beefalos during summer ?