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  1. Just a small precision here: they do not replace the incubators, they complement them. Cuddle pips can hug eggs that are inside incubators or on the floor. They give the "Hugged" buff (+100% incubation rate for 1 cycle), while the incubator gives the "Lullabied" buff (+400% for 1 cycle). The two buffs stack, so you can get up to +500% incubation rate. It does look unreliable though (as you said) even if they cuddle eggs without getting hugged by dupes. It's easy enough to dump a few extra eggs in an incubation room of another critter you want to ranch and incubate faster (passively get the buff and let those eggs incubate 2x faster). Otherwise, pretty niche. About the tonic root from the vole morph, right now it seems only used for that curried beans recipe. However, looking at the database entry for the tonic root, it says something about how it "relieves gassiness". I wonder if they are planning on adding some sort of tonic recipe for flatulent dupes at some point, or if that is just some random piece of lore? Edit:Had completely missed @ghkbrew post, my bad. The screenshot wasn't big enough I guess
  2. Yes, the problem is with "step 2" I am afraid It's not a bug in itself, but I do get what you mean. It would be great if you did not have to "confirm" when you assign a dupe to the chair, that it just did its thing and zapped the dupe instead of locking them in place for further input from the player.
  3. Indeed, disabling harvest does not cancel current harvest commands. A work around is to drag over "cancel" after disabling harvest. The plants will not have a harvesting errands anymore. Initial plant not being harvested (no harvest errand): Enable harvest (harvest errand are listed): Disable harvest (harvest errand still displayed, the dupes will harvest the plants regardless): Drag a cancel order on top of the plants (no more harvest errands):
  4. @JarrettM is it possible that we're missing a couple of items from the latest testing branch update on the patch notes?
  5. You should avoid building any solid tiles above the platform (7 tiles wide). That includes the 2 tiles gap between connected platforms (gantries are not an exception). In your case, you already have ladders in place. It you only make them reach 1 tile lower, your dupes will be able to reach the spacefarer modules without gantries. They can walk on the base of the spacefarer modules (5 tiles wide), spacefarer nosecone (3 tiles wide) and some other modules as well. Gantries are just unnecessary in SO!, and they only work for outermost platforms when multiple platforms are connected together.
  6. Please let me know if I am hallucinating - might be major radiation sickness affecting my brain functions right now - but I could swear it was possible until very recently to set beeta hives priority. It doesn't seem to be the case anymore: They currently have their priority set to 5 by default like everything else, but it's just impossible to change it anymore:
  7. Unfortunately no, but it just got fixed. At worst, you might have to wait until the next public update hits tomorrow, at best they would release another testing update at the end of the day or a hotfix before then?
  8. Hard to tell - sometimes it happens right after constructing a new rocket and immediately deconstructing the control station. Other times, the rocket has time to do rocket stuff (fly away, come back to the same platform or a different one). Have you tried it on new rockets built after a new platform was added? I'll try and see if that could cause the crash. Some weird stuff sometimes happen with loaders/unloaders after adding new platforms... Edit: Got ninja fixed by @EricKlei as I was typing this reply
  9. This crash has been around for a while. Every time I want to deconstruct a control station it feels like I'm playing Russian roulette. I constantly try to remind myself that I need to save before my dupes get to it, just in case the game crashes - and it does that quite a lot. I have tried submitting in-game crash reports every time, but I don't know what is better, so here it is:
  10. No idea if it was intentionally left out or unintentionally omitted, but I don't believe you should be allowed to -create- resources out of thin air. We'll see what they do with the "exploit" report
  11. I think you have suggested it before, for example in this thread: It would be going a bit backwards though (nothing wrong with that). This is how it was originally if you remember - radiation research, green color - but they moved away from it a while ago and went with a more generic "materials science" theme and made it yellow. I wouldn't mind going back to radiation themed research since the only way to generate research points even now is through some sort of radiation source or nuclear material and radbolts. It made sense for the orbital science to be re-themed to something more generic like "data science", since we can obtain data banks from other sources that are not space related. But the materials science is still very much exclusively related to the radiation/nuclear aspect of the game.
  12. I have been getting multiple crashes when attacking critters, see crash messages below. It happens pretty consistently when I launch an eradication command on a massive amount of Pips, for example. Some other times, dupes attack critters just fine, but if I cancel the attack commands the game instantly crashes. Let me know if having a save file uploaded would be helpful - otherwise I will only attach the Player.log. This seems like a different crash while attacking:
  13. Oh wait it's from Dec. 4th, 2020, not 2021! . I thought it was from 3 days ago and I had somehow missed it. Oh well, a good little bump then!