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  1. Just a mention, but I name dropped you in a post about Lightning Rods over on the Shipwrecked forums.



  2. Personally, I would like to see a "If one person dies, you both lose" kind of deal be integrated in, with an off and on option of course.
  3. Looks about how my first encounter went with the dragonfly...
  4. That is a VERY happy Willow there.
  5. Tiers are kind of pointless in this game since it is going to be mostly based off player skill. I, for example, can basically make any character top tier just because of the sheer skill and experience I have with the game. Also quick note about Wendy, can any other character take on an entire village of were-pigs on a full moon at once with out any issues? Now back to tiers. One thing we have to keep in mind though is that klei may stick in restrictions preventing other players from using another character's special items. For instance; No one can wield Lucy but Woody, only Wendy can summon Abigail, Wickerbottem is the only one that can read her books (though I really want to be able to make books and pass them around, the massive sanity damage they do should be balanced enough), and only Wes can use his balloons, so on and so fourth. Webber is going to be another interesting character, because he will prevent you from having pig/rabbit allies AND his spiders may auto attack you on sight. Hopefully they make it so follows do not attack your buddy, but even then, Webber will be restricted on where he can set up his spider nests without harming his buddy. There are my opinions, but until we start beta, we cannot say anything concrete.
  6. I think if one person dies then you both loose, keeps the game hard and forces you to help your partner and keep an eye on them.
  7. That would be interesting to see. I have played a few games like that where one player is the GM vs the rest of the group and it is very fun. Only issue though is that Don't Starve is a long term game, having sessions that can last for hours. Also it is very slow at times, which means that the GM would be sitting there for a while as his points stack up.
  8. Do you guys have an address to where I can mail cookies to you?
  9. The soundtrack has been updated for the 6 new tracks, but the song that is played for this trailer.
  10. The first thing I notice is that the "C" in "crazy is sometimes capitalized and sometimes not
  11. One question, will the music for this trailer be added into the soundtrack at some point? =)
  12. Trees now cool you down? Yay! summer starts are no longer luck based!
  13. Worst moments was my attempt to run a summer only world with Wendy and no default plus. Took 7 tries to finally get a spawn with what I needed to get an endothermic fireplace up. I had 5 hp when I got my fire cooling me down.
  14. I wish I can have a challenge with a new character like you guys. =( Been playing this for far to long and can basically adapt to just about anything new ridiculously fast.