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  1. An optional feature yes, but mainly I am interested in pve! Dont Starve Together is called together because you need to work together otherwise it would be called Dont Starve Kill the Others/No Need for Friends/Slay everyone... And similar
  2. Wa T? Edit: before: no multiplayer! Now: Why no mul iplayer O.o
  3. Just when I think of other game bosses, the actual "hit n kite" is pretty rare. Most of the time it's, dogde and combine/do something to make the boss vulnerable to your attacks. This is not the case in dont starve, but would make boss battles more thrilling...
  4. First of all I want to say,great thread, I hope some of the devs read all this great stuff! Fighting systems made me think: Don't Starve is kiting only, that's true! Maybe a ranged weapon you have to aim with would make a difference. A static catapult or a static slingshot that fires self made projectiles and you aim with the key arrows, would be great. You would not be able to carry it around, giants still would run up to you and destroy the catapult, so it kinda isn't too OP. This would greatly make a difference. Introducing Aoe Damage, or similar just would need too much changes in the fighting system and would change a core concept of dont starve. Insanity should definiley be rethought! It is great the first time you experience it, but kinda feels boring after some time. Meanwhile I feel like it is annoying and difficult to keep my sanity low, when farming nightmare fuel, it does not feel like a threat, more like something that has to be done from time to time. Krampus... The reason I joined this forum a long time ago... COMPLETE REWORK AND BUFFS are heavily needed! He feels like an easter egg and thats a state it should not be left in.
  5. Goddammit I know what you are talking about. When I lost my ~150 day world I shouted loudly, and crushed my hand on the table. I went into the kitchen, got myself some cookies, told my roommate to leave me alone and started a new world right away, with deep anger and childish curiousity in my heart.
  6. Open your eyes, broaden your mind, be a shiny light, for the answer will arise!
  7. Yep definitely agree... Who else should rule the world if there was no picking? Chaos and anarchy are way too common in the world of DS even with pigking.
  8. The ocean work as a natural barrier! You are trapped on this island! Nowhere else to go. That's the feeling of Don't Stave, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE! Making boats would just ruin this whole concept, the island itself wouldn't be seen as place where you HAVE to life in. You could simply escape from every danger that hits you So thumbs down from me.
  9. Abi is fine the way she is... Learn how to use her... There are always pros and cons in this game!
  10. Always happens like this... He isn't even spawned right next to your base, but once he wanders near you he just goes aggro and comes to kill you (or your base, or pig houses, or other structues). I lost the last two world of him because he always destroyed my base in early winter and I froze to death or he killed me.
  11. Today I learned that there is a fullmoon night now: