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  1. *Peeks in.* Damnit... I keep missing everything happening here anymore...
  2. I vote we ignore this part of the interview and continue to count on Klei to give us real backstory. Eventually. Soon™. I'm sure it will happen one day, right?
  3. Speaking of music, it slightly annoys me that there's no cave EFS. In fact, caves are the only music set without EFS... It only annoys me because the rest are so awesome!
  4. Ooooh... That's a toughie... It's tied between Spring fighting or Summer boss.
  5. My apologies for summoning you, JoeW. I just felt this threat was becoming a bit of a mess and it seemed (to me, and seemingly several others including OP) that the addition of new items to the other stuff with Pyro meant that something had changed.
  6. @JoeW Please come clear this up so we can end this thread. I think everyone is getting pretty sick and tired of it by this point.
  7. Well, if he was dead when you found him (I assume he died and then a spider ate his corpse from which you get his skull) I presume he would have been on the island for some time. Anyway, I can totally understand where you're coming from, and on this particular case I think it's up to interpretation.
  8. How is Wolfgang's lore any less presented than Maxwell's? It was shown in the very same series of puzzles that Maxwell's lore was. If you're going to disregard it was hints then you're going to have to do the same with Maxwell's. Personally, I don't see it like that. It could be argued for Wilson that he was tricked and Maxwell said he could help, and the seeds are irrelevant to when it happened.
  9. The way I see it, the body of Webber is stretching the bottom of the spider to wrap around his body. The spider is pretty helpless there as his legs no longer reach the ground. The way I see the skull is that it's Webber's skull within the spider's corpse with the spider's flesh peeled away on the front. But maybe that's just me being morbid. And from what I see it, I don't see him referring to Maxwell as evidence of it happening before being brought to the world. The way I interpreted it was that Webber was in need of help before being taken to the world but was tricked to be taken there. The use of we is hardly evidence either way either as he uses it fairly inconsistently,
  10. Don't Starve spiders are Maxwellian-ly enhanced super size.
  11. Off the top of my head, Wes was said by Maxwell to have been hated by him and trapped for it. On a poster in William Carter's backstory, there's someone who looks somewhat like Wes or hungry Wolfgang. Wolfgang worked in the same circus as Maxwell. It's also implied that Wolfgang was the son of farmers (based on pitchfork examination) and was a communist (from his hammer examination). Kevin has also definitely said that Wolfgang's hunger mechanic relates to his backstory, although he never expanded on how. Webber was a child who was eaten whole by a spider. He survived (after being revived, at least). His father likely was rich as he was said to wear a top hat and have goats, which seems to suggest he owned a lot of land. There was also something about his grandfather mentioned too... Wendy's twin sister died under mysterious circumstances. It's implied that she is related to Maxwell in some way due to feeling "kinship" with him. Despite being the youngest (well, maybe 2nd youngest with Webber now) she knows a great deal about literature and is well read. I can't remember any quotes to support it but I think it was implied somewhere that Willow burnt down her house with her family, although I can't remember any quotes to support it. It's possible that Woodie is somehow related to Charlie's Canadian sister, maybe married or something. Lucy might even be her sister. This one more than anything is speculation, but it's rather odd that Canada would suddenly be mentioned in the lore of the game when the first and only Canadian character appeared. Wigfried is, of course, a method actress. In general it's hard to say anything for sure about her, since she's almost always in character, save for one or two quotes. There's not actually that much known about Wickerbottom as a person besides her being a very knowledgeable librarian, and her using Ms. instead of Miss or Mrs. Again, there's not too much to say about Wx78 that isn't anything more than speculation.
  12. Saying the characters don't have lore is just plain untrue. All of them have some lore, even Wes, though he doesn't have anywhere near as much.
  13. What, so it would be fitting for all the other characters to be from a 1920s setting, which Klei has already stated they are, then suddenly one other from the 60s/70s? Possible? Yes. Fitting? No. Those characters have been in the files for... Well, by now it's about a year and a half-ish. They've had plenty of time to get them ready, and they're far more fitting to the 20s theme than Pyro. And yes, they might not be added, but it just seems odd that they would add it to the files in the first place, only to be removed and later added yet again with more content revolving around them. Especially after the controversy the first time this was found.
  14. All other characters are unique and original. Pyro is already an existing character in a different game, which is set in the late 60s and early 70s, 50 years after Don't Starve. I assume most are more disappointed that Klei would appear to be unable to come up with a new and original character when there's at least 4 others in the game files that have their own personality and story to be shown.
  15. I want Wallace most, and then Waverly. The fact that Kevin said he's Scottish shows at least some thought has been put into developing Wallace...