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All's Well that Maxwell - (All Platforms, October 22 2013)


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  • Developer
All's Well that Maxwell is now live on all platforms!




  • Maxwell has his player power.


  • Mosquito drops loot.


  • The "Totally Normal Tree" now spawns in the world.


  • A "Top Mods" section has been added to the mods screen. It doesn't function yet, but it will show the top 5 most popular mods of the day.

Tweaks/ Changes:



  • Depths Worms attacks now ramp up over an increased time period.

  • Spitter Spiders had their range and projectile speed decreased.


  • The Miner Hat can be refueled.

  • Wickerbottom's books have descriptions.

  • Tooth Trap and Bee Mines are now "deployable" objects. They can no longer be packed too closely by dropping them.


  • Rearranged some of the front end.

  • Added FX to mining animation.

  • Added FX to book reading animation.

  • Improved feedback when taking damage over time.

  • Added some additional music to the ruins.

  • Made some improvements to the text widget

  • Improved console screen focus.

  • Improved controller controls and prompts for teleportato.

  • Added additional art to the credits screen.


  • Action button will now harvest farms, crockpots and drying racks.

Bug Fixes:



  • Befriending music will now play for bunnymen and chess creatures.

  • Batalisks have been given a strong stomach.

  • The Ancient Guardian will drop his horn again.

  • Shadow Hands will appear again.

  • The Pig King will no longer throw gold on top of himself and surrounding obelisks.

  • Chester no longer uses the old death effect.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing pathfinding from working with walls.

  • Shadow entities no longer appear as chunky messes in the Mac and Linux versions.

  • Chess monsters will now retaliate when being attacked by other chess monsters that are following the player.

  • MacTusk's icehounds will no longer respawn instantly under the right conditions.

  • You can no longer click-spam pigs to force feed them and gain extra poop.

  • Fix for bee/mosquito sounds so they don't accumulate at the world origin.


  • The Lazy Forager's amulet will now also pick up any animals that are caught in a trap when the trap is collected.

  • Pumpkin lanterns no longer bounce when placed.

  • Snurtle Shell Armour will provide protection again.

  • Picking a mushroom as day phase changes will no longer cause the mushroom to regrow immediately.

  • Breaking down a Cook Pot with a completed food item will cause the item to drop in the rubble.

  • Tents and Sleeping Rolls now properly restore body heat.

  • The Glow Berry is now tradeable.

  • Tree Stumps can now be burnt.

  • Creatures can no longer walk through walls that have been destroyed and rebuilt.

  • Fixed some issues with save/load states on Light Plants.

  • Heat Rocks now emit light if they are heated up outside your inventory.

  • Items do not rot on death in caves.

  • Walls no longer sleep - this should help with some caged animals escaping their pens.

  • Fixed some issues with the Forager Amulet duplicating traps.

  • Boomerang now works against the Tentapillar.


  • Light effects on nightmare lights can now be clicked through.

  • Rearranged some items in setpieces to allow for proper pathfinding.

  • Players will now react to being hit by bees and mosquitoes.

  • Music will play during credits on the standalone version.

  • Fixed some issues with resurrecting.

  • Water is no longer culled while still on screen.

  • Fixed some issues with the player appearing at the wrong location when changing cave levels.

  • Actions are now canceled when you change your tool mid-action.

  • Maxwell's Shadow no longer lingers in the world during the intro.

  • Shadows now rotate correctly.

  • Cleaned up some TaskInTime calls to prevent memory growth.

  • Made Cave Gen a bit more consistent in an effort to remove MaxWorldGen crashes.

  • The book reading FX is now canceled if the action is.

  • The HUD will now hide during the tent's fade out.

  • Shift clicking now works properly between backpacks and player inventory.

  • Removed double-click sound when clicking build recipe.

  • Fixed beesplosion when trying to stuff bees into a full container.

  • The confirmation window will now close if you press "no" when entering Maxwell's door.

  • Fixed a crash that happened during the loading of some adventure levels.

  • Adventure World (two worlds) will no longer crash on generation.

  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in a state by pressing the map button while trying to sleep.


  • You can now add placeable items to a fire while using a controller.

  • You can now press and hold to hammer.

  • You can now navigate the controls screen with a controller.

  • Fix for issues with using keyboard controlled crafting and mouse walking.

  • Fixed items disappearing if you tap pickup very quickly.

  • "Useable" items like the Telelocator Staff and Bush Hat can now be used when playing with a controller.


  • Lucy the Axe will no longer continue to talk after finishing adventure mode with Woodie.

  • Fixed some layering issues on the final level of adventure mode.

  • Camera doesn't shake when doing work as Woodie.

  • Woodie the Werebeaver now uses seperate attack and action buttons.

  • Player character will not emit frost breath when facing upwards.

  • Tuned locomotor to prevent jittering at higher player speeds.




Mod System:

  • Mods which overwrite core game assets have usually crashed the game unless the game is restarted once. Now a mod can specify this to force the game to restart when the mod is loaded.

  • Mods can now specify an arbitrary save slot instead of using slots 1-4. This is useful for 'game mode' mods which don't sit nicely on top of an existing Don't Starve save. 


  • Road textures can now be overwritten by a mod.

World Gen:

  • Can now specify the range of background nodes to generate for each node in the level definition.

  • Tasks with blockers can now specify what their "blank" nodes are in case you don't want it to be ocean.

  • Tasks have a little more control over internal connectedness by specifying a custom crosslink factor for rooms, and whether or not the rooms are generated in a loop.


  • AddGameDebugKey and AddGlobalDebugKey are now global functions, so mods can utilise them for testing.

  • Better logging when animations and builds are missing.

  • Sublime Text, a great script editor, is now packaged with the mod tools in Steam! Use this when working with Lua files for syntax highlighting, multi-file search, and other handy editing tricks.


Hotfix 88224

  • Screecher Mod properly included in mac and linux builds
  • Fix crash when attacking bosses
  • Fix bug with water faucet in screecher
  • Fix for invisible maxwell teeth traps
  • Updated string tables for translators
  • Fixed Screecher promo in Chrome
  • ruins busy music should play
  • dropped items don't pop up as high, so they're less likely to get stuck on things
  • nil check some values in playerprofile.lua
  • add epic tag to ancient guardian
  • chester will keep up with player
  • maxwell will regen his book on load if he doesn't have it
Hotfix 88307
  • Fix for some rare crashes with the stats overseer
  • screecher should be included in standalone builds (for real this time)
  • fix for modindex crash when you have an invalid mod
  • fix for crash in follower.lua
  • fix beehive daily spawn schedule


Hotfix 88571

  • Fix for Wolfgang sometimes getting stuck during the intro
  • Fix for crash with explosives
  • Fixed endless summer preset
  • Shadow creatures don't trigger mines anymore.
  • Maxwell's shadows will now die when he does.
  • Fix for dropping equippable tools under full-container conditions.
  • Fixed some issues with Woodie, Chester and Wilson's Beard when entering/ leaving caves.
  • Birds can no longer be killed while flying away.
  • Added string for save file selection menus when a mod defines a custom world mode.

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  • Developer

Darn it. Started playing after quite a while of not playing, really enjoying it, especially the new working theme...LOVE IT. Then the game starts crashing whenever I go to attack Deerclops...*sigh*


Do you have a callstack?


Nevermind. I got this :)

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Darn it. Started playing after quite a while of not playing, really enjoying it, especially the new working theme...LOVE IT. Then the game starts crashing whenever I go to attack Deerclops...*sigh*


I got the same problem with a treeguard

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I made a typo with the new music, so it's going to do that whenever you fight an "epic" monster. We're pushing a fix momentarily.

When is the next roadmap Kev? Is there going to be a post about this being the end and all that jazz?




Where does Wickerbottom fit in all this?!

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When is the next roadmap Kev? Is there going to be a post about this being the end and all that jazz?




Where does Wickerbottom fit in all this?!

I can at least answer some of that....somewhat, and that they don't plan to release the update(s) for the DLC in increments, rather all at once when it's practically complete.

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Not a huge fan of how empty the title screen is now. What happened to that shadow hand at the top, or that spider that would web down? Or that animated Wilson that was in the in the public preview for a bit?


I know... at least the hands would fill it out more...

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It seems the new ruins work music isn't playing, the other new tunes work, including the ruins fight and efs. But for work only the cave work theme plays instead. I tired extracting the music from the in game files, and the ruins work one won't play for me, so I think it's broked... all other new songs work though, not to mention, the ancient guardian doesn't trigger and efs music, and the caves don't have their own efs song.

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Is there supposed to be huge piles of nightmare fuel lying around all the nightmare lights and fissures?  I collected over 60 in a couple of days. 


I think I'm seeing seeds spawning under my characters feet as I walk.  In the summer anyway.  Anyone else notice this?

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