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  1. Fish sticks restore lots of health. Fish + sticks + meat + meat I think. They don't keep long. I get lots of frogs legs and fish from watching merms fight tentacles in the swamp, so I call my usual recipe a Merm Special: fish + sticks + frog legs + frog legs, or fish + fish + sticks + frog legs.
  2. If they have such powerful colons why do they bother to attack enemies with their horns? They should be able to fire that poop out of there with enough power to make those monkeys bow down in worship.
  3. Then how come the beefalo don't explode if I don't clean up after them?
  4. And, if you've got one beefalo in the pen, and you leave for some time, you'll have exactly the same amount of poop waiting for you as you would if you had a hundred beefalo in the pen. Explain that.
  5. Always thought there should be more uses for the gravedigger items than just trading for gold. Dessicated Tentacle + 2 Tentacle Spots (you know, the parts they reproduce with?) = Tentacle Seed - plant it, and it produces a few new tentacles like Wickerbottom's book What would happen if you stuffed the Tiny Rocketship with some gunpowder, pointed it at something, and lit the fuse? What would you get if you combined the Second Hand Dentures and a bunch of Hound's Teeth? Gotta be better uses for some of these things.
  6. Wanna know what Don't Starve players with cats say? They say 'Hey wait a minute, how did I die, I paused the game before I went to the bathroom... You! You furry little lump you're not allowed on my computer table! I just lost a 200 day game cuz you decided jump on my keyboard. Gloves! Do you hear me? I will skin you and make gloves if you do it again!"
  7. Bacon and eggs is better than meatballs in just about every way, they even last twice as long. If you have the ingredients, go for breakfast.
  8. I use the thermal stones when travelling or fighting. They're basically another way to extend the time I can be away from a fire. I put swap armor and clothing, grab the stone out of the fire/refrigerator, and I've got a few minutes of free time. In addition to building refrigerators all over, I build fire pits all over too.
  9. Hmm, lots of big questions here. It's better to get ingredients for crock pot recipes than to just gather and eat food. Prepared food is almost always going to be better. Use monster meat as filler, no more than one per recipe or you get monster lasagna. At the beginning of the game (in autumn) I usually get by on rabbits, berries, birchnuts, easily gathered stuff to keep me going while I build up my base. If I need to I can fish, trap frogs, or watch merms get slapped around by tentacles and then pick up what's left. Once I have crock pots and refrigerators those things become meatballs and other better foods. In the winter, it's rabbits, koalafants and monster meat, with berries occasionally if filler is needed. Winter is also for gathering ice. In the spring I make as many farms as I can and start gathering certain types of seeds. I try to fill up a fridge with fruits & veggies for summer. In the summer I live on stuff I've gathered in brief visits to my camp, cactus fruit, and anything that bursts into flames right in front of me. Depending on my web supplies, I try to set up hives either in the first winter or during summer. Get some ice flingers, on the science tab. You need ice, which of course you gathered during the winter and stored in you refrigerators. And try to stay away from your base (and large forests) during summer. Log suits, football helmets, spears, tentacles spikes. Always have one good weapon and armor with you. In the winter I go with a winter hat, thermal stones, and possibly winter coats if I need to run around a lot, like when trying to kill the deerclops. For spring I make rain hats and umbrellas, and for summer I use floral shirts, straw hats, thermal stones and umbrellas. For the summer I carry a gear to make a fridge (or premake one) when I need one, and then demolish it and take the gear with me to the next place.
  10. In the summer I get by with a floral shirt (5 cactus flowers), a straw hat, and thermal stones. I've found that building refrigerators wherever you happen to be spending time is easy, cuz you get the gear back when you destroy it. Keep two stones, one in the fridge, swap when you need to, and then get on with whatever you're doing. I tend to use the summer for gathering, and staying the hell away from forests.
  11. Dammit Chester get over here! Quit screwing around with those tentacles! Really? You let the tentacles kill you? Fine. When you get back tomorrow I'm filling you with cow poop.
  12. Miner's Hat. Easy to make, easy to refuel, frees your hands up for combat.