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  1. it suddenly became winter, leaving both to freeze to death. (someone else continue I can't think of a situation)
  2. I have an idea for the name: (probably an awful idea) Electromagnetic Bouldermantis (since it changes from a ball into something with mantid like claws and does electrical stuff.)
  3. definitely, having permadeath means that multiplayer isn't massively easier. If multiplayer did not then it would make the majority play Mp just because it is easier
  4. this here: the story behind it has about 3 events; 1st I found this place and died once, then I was forced into were-beaver mode and the deerclops attacked. Once I killed that I armoured up and went back to get my stuff from the hounds then, they killed me just before I escaped which is the image you see above.
  5. yeah, most people think its easy but that's only in just messing around play. If there are competent snipers and spies around heavy gets 10x harder as situational awareness is really important for a slow moving class. It is a good pyro counter with just the right distance, too far and they can escape too close and I'm toast, sometimes its better just to pepper them from afar to scare them off though
  6. I personally find pyros easier to counter since i usually play heavy (I essentially deny them access to me, unless they get sneaky.).
  7. removing isn't the issue, if they actually make traps with them I have no quarrel with it. its when they just "M1, M2" directly at you over and over which is irritating
  8. just by reading that one part I know that I am never playing comp. (as you can tell I really hate the unbalanced as heck stickyspam)
  9. about that, I would but unfortunately my recording software doesn't pick up in game sounds.
  10. no need for tiers, each character has their niche role to fill. While some are better at combat others are better at more passive things and a few have a mix up between the two.
  11. the lack of people aware of the mod isn't much of an issue right now, that is something to work on during alpha and beta. Of course it'd be nice to get things rolling asap but if people are aware of something before it is ready it can lead to over-hype (they build it up to be something that the thing itself cannot acheive) you see it often with triple-A titles. I'd say its fine as a few are aware but not a lot as too many could actually end up being detrimental.
  12. that sounds exactly like what will probably happen if everyone did play at once.
  13. all I have to say is; this is gonna be good!