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  1. If the devs hadn't said "no NEVAR" to multiplayer I might consider this to be its herald.
  2. Nice. He's animated into a complete stir in the first panel.
  3. Do it Wilson... Pull the lever... Open the door to take you from the base game to the Reign of Giants...
  4. Okay, the big clock is booming ominously...
  5. white mice, black birds... This isn't going to work like he hopes it will...
  6. They might be testing uploads. Or perhaps IE really does make Wilson cry.
  7. Can anybody else hear Wilson while looking at the pic? (I know how that sounds, shut up) Imagine him with the creepiest insane giggling. Poor guy, his brain's snapped. He hasn't slept in ages...
  8. Yes, Teos, because personal attacks really make you seem like you have a valid point. :\ Let your logic speak for you. Leave your chronic rudeness out of this.
  9. The crispness of all the text is a little jarring. It'll take some to get used to. I have this same bug.
  10. My current map I have two things going for me. One: a Queen's Gathering is fairly nearby. Two: I'm playing Woodie. If I don't spawn at least two treeguards per rampage I have failed. I have two spider nests and one treeguard constantly camped at my igloo. My method for dealing with MacTusk is as follows: Step one: arrive. Step two: run around. Step three: observe. My other worlds have similar ideas. There's at least one active queen wandering near the igloo in all of my worlds. Spider queens, man. Best tool around. If she could chop wood I'd never need pigs.
  11. Tentacles are tools. Moreso than their spikes, tentacles are the weapons I prefer to use against all the monsters of the game.
  12. Well, you know... A human being can survive an amount of time without skin. It actially takes a lot to kill a guy and relatively minor trauma like that won't do it alone. The faceless guy could just have been in massive shock when you found him and merely passed out when you touch him. [/disturbing random knowledge]