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  1. Please come back

  2. And of course! Find a job! We belive in you. Go and will be lawyer.

    1. brainchill


      That's a good job.I mean... x )

  3. Me aswell,but you can obtain too early.It melts the destroyer(and skeletron prime with a bit more of preparation) and is better than the other spears(besides gungnir).
  4. The best choice is to fight him with a melee armor and the mushroom spear(wich can be acquiered too early). Seriously,that way is too easy.
  5. I won't be as active as I used to be because I NEED to find job.See ya!

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    2. DwerBomb


      Good luck, potato friend!

    3. brainchill


      Dwer,you're potato too xD Like your profile background :D

    4. CyanBlue


      he disappeared forever

  6. We're some kind of anonymous. If they don't updtae the pic we will keep the servers down.I said.
  7. This has to be the best way to necro one thread.So much beauty and deep emotions are in that video. #Manlytear
  8. Now this thread is complete.
  9. I'm happy with my 2007 nokia.It's just a mobilephone.You know,send and recive calls.
  10. Now your toilet is worth 500 bucks.
  11. No to @Lord_Battal 's version.It sounds too hollywood.I'll rather see the other version happening.
  12. It's too big EDIT:I have no idea of how @Ataosama managed to do it.Seriously,it's huge.
  13. I can't understand why.It's a mini game page,isn't it?
  14. I'm more surprised about the wiki already having some text about the connection of Charlie and the shadow watcher than about anything else.